The E-Learning Slug Awards
Some solutions, features and companies are not slugs; the move at the right speed or are ahead of the curve. Then there are the others.
Appreciative Inquiry
Appreciative Inquiry, model, modellen, powerpoint, management, marketing, human resource management, financieel, theorie, download, mintzberg, porter, strategie, innovatie, veranderen
How Do You Play Games | Tools for Teachers & Learners
This site features instructions and guides to fun games, icebreakers, activities for classrooms, parties, youth groups, camps and businesses. Click on a game to read how to play!
Appreciative Inquiry Methode
Appreciative inquiry: een beschrijving van de vier fasen van het 4D-model
Week Tegen Pesten -
Datum & Tijd Datum: 19-09-2016 - 23-09-2016 Tijd: Hele dag Week Tegen Pesten Wat kun je doen tegen (online) pesten op school? Hoe herken je pesten en hoe werk je aan een positieve sfeer in de klas?
Appreciative Inquiry als gelukvinder voor organisaties en teams
Talenten kunnen inzetten en zinvol werk doen zorgen voor geluk in je werk. Appreciative Inquiry focust op de kwaliteiten en het samen creëren van een hoger doel
The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement
Learning how to think about thinking can help students develop strategies for solving problems and understand tasks at hand.
Sir Ken Robinson: How to Create a Culture For Valuable Learning
Sir Ken Robinson said the current education system is designed to create conformist and compliant students, but this approach doesn't honor the diversity and
PingPong - SPOT Networking | Tools for Teachers & Learners
Instant classroom response tool. | Tools for Teachers & Learners