keeping poetry going...
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keeping poetry going...
i post poetry that i have wrote and poetry that others have wrote! hope you enjoy!
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taken for granted...

taken for granted – by Naomi Batten 21/3/12


Imagine if you were blind,
and couldn’t see the world,
how would you feel?
would you still take the world,
we see everyday for granted?
or would you see it from a different light?


would you miss the flowers in spring?
would you miss the waves in summer?
would you miss the the golden leaves in autumn,
would you miss the white snow in the winter?
i know i would that is for sure!
but do we take it for granted?


imagine blackness in everyday life,
imagine not being able to see the ones you love,
imagine the moments you would miss,
imagine life with out sight.
it’s very hard for us to see,
just what life really is to us!


But seriously we take things all to much for granted,
and never realize what we miss from this,
so from now on take in every moment,
don’t let one slip by you,
enjoy life to the fullest extent,
’cause that’s a better way to live life.

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The Wood Burner By Naomi Batten

The fire burned slowly

The walls sealed in the heat

The dogs were curled up in small, round balls.

When suddenly the door opened.

The heat there was; no more

And that little fire for those few seconds 

was as useless as a pen without paper.


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Petrichor By Naomi Batten

Petrichor, the smell of the earth after rain.

Where before raindrops fell.

Yet now there is just soil.

Steam comes off the mountains

and the air smell fresh.

When the earth is cleaned

and sparkles in the sunlight.

As people merge from doorways

to enjoy wat we take for granted

on a beautiful summers day.

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Scooped by naomi batten!

Winged Snowflake By David Ross

The gathering dark

had blurred the naked trees

standing blue-grey on the field's edge.

The air was heavy with falling snow

that closely lay on field and hedge

and swirled in ever-spiralling cones.

Turning the corner on the hill

my lights caressed the stricken oak.

The yellow fingers caught and held

a larger snowflake in the night;

the barn-owl on his quartering flight.

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