Los Angeles, CA 26TH July, 2014 - one of the highly rated paraphrasing experts in the market paraphrasingservice.info has confirmed that it has started a new survey designed to sample the views of customers regarding a proposed customer loyalty reward program expected to be up and running by the end of this month. A statement released by the company noted that the survey will last up to three weeks and will look to gauge the views and opinions of customers regarding the new program as well as garner insights that may be used to improve it and make it better.

Paraphrasingservice.info has been looking to launch a new customer loyalty reward program with the sole aim of cementing its current position as a major paraphrasing service provider in the market. The company sees a loyalty reward scheme as a very great opportunity to retain its current clients as well as attract new ones and the survey that commenced in the last few days is expected to play an important role in helping the provider develop and launch a loyalty reward scheme that will resonate with the needs and expectations of its customers.

The company has said that once the survey is completed it will use the knowledge gathered here to even better the proposed program in what many analysts say will be a major achievement. All the same, paraphrasingservice.info has made it clear its priority at the moment and even in the future is to deliver quality and affordable paraphrase online services and customers are welcomed to always take full advantage of its expertise anytime and any day. The provider is confident that a customer oriented loyalty reward scheme will be very crucial in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction in the near and long term future.

For the best part of 2014 the amount of customers who have been looking up to paraphrasingservice.info for the ideal paraphrasing help has continued to grow by double figures. Although competition from other high profile entities has been nothing short of fierce, paraphrasingservice.info has done remarkably well to maintain its market share for the better.

The proposed launch of a anew customer reward program will be a very momentous step forward that will all but ensure the firm maintains its current path of growth in the future. Paraphrasingservice.info has noted that customers can start looking forward to remarkable discounts and other offers once the program is launched. For the best paraphrasing and summarizing services please feel free to get in touch with paraphrasingservice.info through support@paraphrasingservice.info today.

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