For those of you who are interested in the technical side of using WordPress, this is a post about Shortcodes Ultimate -- a great plugin that allows you to create a lot of shortcodes throughout your site. I use it quite extensively on client sites. Unfortunately, the coder who creates the shortcodes seems to not be overly concerned with the way that the new version deals with client sites upon upgrade. With his latest upgrade (version 4.5.0), he added additional functionality (which is nice), but didn't address a core issue. With a previous version, he added a prefix to his shortcodes [su_] to differentiate his shortcodes from the native theme shortcodes. In the newest upgrade, he made that prefix an option that you could choose (actually you could choose any prefix), but then removed the previously defaulted prefix from the plugin, so the "su_" shortcodes no longer work. To fix the problem created by the upgrade, you simply do the following: Log into your admin panel Click the "Shortcodes -- Settings" tab Click the "Settings" tab at the top of the page Enter "su_" into the custom prefix section (see image below) After entering that text, click 'Save' and the site should be working again. If you found this helpful, please share and also leave us a quick note below.