Katara - The valley of cultures
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Foodies Rejoice in Katara, Qatar

Foodies Rejoice in Katara, Qatar | Katara - The valley of cultures | Scoop.it

Most of you will know Katara as a cultural destination, a location for art shows, sports, festivals, exhibitions and seminars. But Katara is much more than that. It is a destination that has much to offer in food and restaurants and will have the gastronome in you fully satisfied.


Katara offers the finest international restaurants and the best of world cuisine all in one breathtaking destination. From relaxing cafes to award winning fine dining restaurants spearheaded by a Michelin star chef, Katara has it all.


All the restaurants at Katara offer a breathtaking view of the sea, so that diners get the best of ambience while they satiate their taste buds. At Katara we are proud to have gathered the finest international restaurant in one spectacular cultural village. It is a perfect destination for the globe-trotting gastronome.


El Cigar Lounge

El Cigar Lounge is the perfect place to relax with your friends or do business with your associates. The El Cigar Lounge has interiors that redefine luxurious: sprawling leather sofas, carpets, draped and wooden wall panels. When you are here, you must try from the widest selection of cigars and their ‘Kopi Luwak’ coffee. We also recommend their high tea selection snacks.


Saffron Lounge

Pair mouthwatering Indian cuisine with a spectacular sea-facing ambience and you get Saffron Lounge. Saffron Lounge in Katara, Doha has been in business for over 4 years and has not stopped impressing their clients since then. Have your Indian food favorites or ask for recommendations for their welcoming staff. Don’t forget to order from their extensive tea menu.


Red Velvet Cupcakery

One look at this cute cupcakery and its cute ambience, and you will wish you could be transported there instantly. Not only is the Red Velvet Cupcakery a delight for dessert lovers, they also use the Highest Quality ingredients in all of their cupcakes. Try their signature Red Velvet Cupcake or choose from their other yummy cupcakes.



Mamig is the only specialty Armenian and Lebanese fine dining restaurant in the Qatar and Gulf region. The chefs are natives of Armenia and Lebanon and prepare a mouth-watering array of local dishes suited to the international pallet. Mamig is a sought after venue for lunch and dinner in Doha; if you want to dine there, make sure you make a reservation in advance.


These are only a handful of the restaurant that Katara has to offer to you. Katara is proud of play host to 12 restaurants of international standard in its beautiful village premises. Our aim is to establish Katara as a culinary destination for the well-travelled foodie by offering cuisine that is fine as well as varied.


Give Katara the chance to serenade your tastebuds with original flavours and textures. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Katara Cultural Village's insight:

Katara Village Restaurants: 


Find the best international restaurants with spectacular sea view and mouth watering cuisines from award winning chefs, all under one roof in katara cultural village



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Scooped by Katara Cultural Village

How To Organize A Perfect Painting Exhibition

How To Organize A Perfect Painting Exhibition | Katara - The valley of cultures | Scoop.it

Organizing a painting exhibition is not really easy. We conducted a research on the topic and decided to come up with a few invaluable tips on how you can organize your exhibition without really going through hardships.

First of all, look for an art gallery that allows organizing of exhibitions for new-comers. Many of these galleries will give your talent the much needed boost and platform to showcase your art with ease. Don’t restrict yourself to a particular venue. There are many venues which are located at prime locations where art-lovers throng to if there are any exhibitions coming up. Choose the venue wisely.

Once you have chosen the venue and are ready to put up your paintings, go for the lighting and music part first as they will be an integral part of your exhibition. The lighting and sound are crucial for any art exhibit which can add on to the ambience and making your exhibit lively. A slow, instrumental piece with steady rhythm can work wonders and will add on to your show. Likewise, chose soft but bright lighting so that the colours in your paintings are subtly reflected without any damage to your paintings well. Too much of bright lighting can cause damage to your paintings.

Another key aspect is to make sure that the walls are white in colour and are damp-proof and moist-free. White is neutral in colour and is known to reflect light, so your paintings will retain their colours and make it a good view.  Dampness on the walls is a strict no-no for any artist where he is going to put up his paintings. The dampness can damage the paper and colours by mixing with them and causing chemical reactions which can be fatal enough to damage your paintings.

On the d-day make sure that your paintings are put up on display neatly and appropriately. Make sure the lighting and sound is in place and in sync with your paintings theme.  Welcome each and every guest and make sure you follow them and ask them for their opinions on a particular painting. Share your ideation and motivational point for paintings which are the most like so that your audiences can identify with your vision and art-work.

It is necessary for your visitors to know whether you have put up the paintings for sale or not. Don’t disappoint them if they have their heart set on a particular painting by refusing them to sell it. Let them know from outset if you are not going to sell your paintings.

Lastly, make sure that you call a renowned personality for the inauguration of your paintings. This will help you in promoting your exhibition in a much bigger way without any extra cost.

We hope these tips give you enough ground to start your own exhibition with ease and without any further hassle.

Happy exhibiting!

Katara Cultural Village's insight:

Painting Exhibition Katara :

We promote the culture of Qatar through arts and exhibitions events in the form of performing arts, visual arts, music & cinematography.


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Global Culture And Expanding Boundaries

Global Culture And Expanding Boundaries | Katara - The valley of cultures | Scoop.it

Thanks to the advent of social media and global awareness, national boundaries are day by day decreasing as more and more people are getting together. It has been all about bonding through common interests like arts, music, theatre, history and historical artifacts and culinary cuisine.  

Today, people share their passion together on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which has brought people from across the world together on one platform. People sharing common interests befriend each other forgetting their background and come close to each other. This has given way to people accepting each other and forgetting their political differences which have been a cause for amnesty
many a times.

The rise in global culture has forced in establishment of many institutions which promotes social togetherness and harmony. These institutions keep coming up with various events, festivals and gatherings where people from across the globe gather under one roof and share their passion casting aside their background differences which may have been a cause for coldness amongst them.

So, where does one go from here? What can people do to close the barriers separating culture togetherness? One really does not need rocket science to understand that even if people are coming together from across the world, the wavelength and the thought pattern has to be similar if not the same.

For example, people from Europe and South America are a big fan of Indian cuisine.  They can come together at a place where Indian culinary skills are brought out by professionals who understand the in and out of preparing of Indian cuisine. India is a vast
country and is not restricted to one type of cuisine alone.  Every region has a different type of distinct flavor in its food and it has to be brought out consistently.  Another example is of Japanese theatre. Japanese theatre has been attracting people from across the
world who are really interested in different forms of acting and Japanese theatre really brings the best of emotions out. But again,just like the Indian cuisine, Japanese theatre does have different forms of acts which need to be brought out to showcase its diverseness.

Katara, located in Qatar is one such platform that has been bringing people from across the globe together under one roof to enjoy common form of arts and culture together.  

It’s not just about the passion people share but it’s all about the bond they share through these common interests.  While, they may or necessarily not break the national barriers of political agenda, but they will certainly make people more understanding about other cultures and legends which have been a part of respective country’s legacy for ages and how they make it unique in each form of its own.

Katara Cultural Village's insight:

Katara, located in Qatar is one such platform that has been bringing people from across the globe together under one roof to enjoy common form of arts and culture together. 



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