Katara Cultural Village
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International Restaurants At Katara – A Wholesome Experience

International Restaurants At Katara – A Wholesome Experience | Katara Cultural Village | Scoop.it



There are innumerable countries in the world and so there are different kinds of cuisines as well. Won’t it be great if you were to get the taste of different cuisines in the world on one platter? At Katara, you will get to experience world famous cuisines and food at one place itself. Mentioned below is a list of mouthwatering cuisines from every corner of the world. Read on to know more.


1.Chac’late –

Start your day on a delicious note with the signature Parisian and chac’late breakfast. You can have your breakfast daily between 8am to 11am. What can be better than beginning your day with a sumptuous breakfast? Also having a tasty breakfast will keep you feeling full and make you active for the rest of the day.


2.Cigar Lounge –

Simply sit back and spend a comfortable evening with your loved ones at the cigar lounge. You can even enjoy jazz music by doha Jazz band on weekends that is sure to make your day. Light food items and signature concoctions are also available to leave you feeling energetic and full. You can enjoy jazz music from 7pm onwards.


3.Le Vesuvio –

If you are fond of Italian food, then Le Vesuvio is something you just cannot miss. This place gets its name from the famous volcano in Naples, Italy. All the food items are prepared using original Italian ingredients that makes it an ideal treat for all.


4.Khan Farouk Tarab Cafe Egyptian –

This is one of the most popular spots that you’ll find for spending the evening. You will get to relish the traditional Egyptian cuisine and smoke sheesha as well. This place gets its name from King Farouk who was the ruler of Egypt in the 1950s.


5.Saffron Lounge –

The saffron lounge is dedicated to India as it serves all the delicacies from this nation. Its dark red color symbolizes the spicy nature of Indian cuisine. You also get to taste different kinds of teas that are a mixture of modern and traditional types.


6.Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge Turkish –

This grand hotel spells luxury in a casual ambience. It offers guests the Turkish cuisine along with a range of sheesha flavors.


7.L’wzaar – Sea Food –

If you love seafood, then this place is your destination. It can be alternately called the Fish Market as it serves seafood along with your favorite side dish.


8.Mamig-Armenian –

In a relaxed dimly lit atmosphere, you can enjoy the famous Armenian cuisine. Mamig means Grandmother, and so the entire setting is made to represent the olden days.


9.Chapati and Karak –

This restaurant maintains a traditional atmosphere and offers chapati and karak to all its guests.


10.La Gelateria Fina –

If your heart screams for ice cream, then go nowhere. Just come to this place and enjoy an assortment of Italian ice-creams in a variety of flavors.


11.Red velvet cupcakery –

If you’ve been looking out for cupcakes, then this place can be your best choice. 

With so many restaurants in Katara serving you a host of delicacies, do you even need a reason to visit this place?

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International Restaurants In Katara : 


The Katara village has a number of restaurants serving different cuisines to people from various locations in the world. The above list will tell you about the eateries serving you main course meals, desserts and evening snacks, all under one roof.


Visit Our Webpage For More Information On International Restaurants In Katara : 



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Indian Cuisine – Rich And Diverse

Indian Cuisine – Rich And Diverse | Katara Cultural Village | Scoop.it



The first thing you will notice as you reach any Indian restaurant in Qatar is the sheer variety found in the Indian cuisine. Indian food is influenced by a number of factors such as traditions, religion, customs, beliefs and practices. The food habits have been changing right since the British and other foreign countries invaded the Indian province, and will continue to change for the eons to come due to the extreme diversity of the country. Mentioned below are some of the important aspects of the Indian cuisine.

1.Indian food mainly consists of bajra, rice, wheat flour and a wide range of lentils such as mung bean, black gram, red lentils, pigeon pea and more. Kidney beans, lobiya and chickpea are well known in the northern part of the country.

2.Generally people use vegetable oil for cooking, while people living in the western coast of the country in places such as Kerala use coconut oil. Mustard oil is used by people in eastern India whereas peanut oil is used in the western and northern part of the nation. Sesame oil is generally used by people in the south because of its nutty flavor and nature. Along the same lines, soybean and sunflower oils are also being used on a wide scale at present. Butter-based ghee and hydrogenated vegetable oil are also used considerably in the Indian culture.

3.Spices – The Indian population uses a variety of spices, the most common being chili pepper. However, this spice was introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Other spices used in India include turmeric, black mustard, cardamom, ginger, coriander, cumin, garlic, cinnamon and clove. Indian people also use a variety of leaves in their food for giving it flavor and taste which include mint, coriander, bay and fenugreek. Curry leaves are used by people residing in Gujarat and the south of India. Sweet dishes are generally garnished with rose petal essence, saffron, cardamom and nutmeg.

4.Main diet – Early India witnessed people consuming grains, vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, meat and lots more. As time passed on, many people began to opt for a vegetarian diet. Consumption of beef is prohibited in the Hindu culture as cow is regarded as sacred in Hinduism. Therefore beef is generally not considered a part of the Indian cuisine.

5.Diverse food items – The food items seen in India are diverse due to the invasion of a variety of cultures and the different traditions of the people. Hence, every part of the country has a specialty and the food items are prepared according to the religious and cultural beliefs of the people.
All in all, the Indian cuisine is the perfect amalgamation of different traditions which makes it all the more special.

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Indian Restaurant In Katara Village :

enjoy different types of tasty indian cuisine at one palce in katara village doha. our indian restaurant serves you quality and healthy foods from different regions of india.



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Fun Activities To Do At Katara Beach - Be Sporty

Fun Activities To Do At Katara Beach - Be Sporty | Katara Cultural Village | Scoop.it



The Katara beach is one of the best recreational places you can visit in Qatar. Apart from relaxing on the clean beach, you can participate in a number of activities as well. Mentioned below is a set of adventures that you can have at the Katara beach.


1.Water skiing –

As the name suggests, water skiing involves skiing on the surface of water. The individual performing such an activity is tied to a boat and as the boat moves in the water, so does the person with a pair of skis or one ski. The major requirements for engaging in this sport are skis, a boat, a smooth surface of water, a tow rope, boat and a personal flotation device. Moreover, people need to have proper balance and physical strength to be a part of this sport.


2.Wakeboarding –

This sport is very similar to water skiing except for the fact that you use a wakeboard instead of a ski. Precisely, this art is the perfect combination of skiing and snowboarding methods. Generally, the rider is tied to a boat that runs at a speed of 30 – 40km/hr based on the participant’s comfort level, size and external conditions.


3.Knee boarding –

In this activity, riders have to keep their knees attached to the board and tow along a boat. As compared to water skiing and wakeboarding, this one leads to a closer contact between riders and the water. Also, this sport is comparatively easier than the others listed above.


4.Parasailing –

Parasailing also known as parakiting, involves a person being towed along a boat or any other aquatic vehicle, while it’s simultaneously attached to a canopy that’s called the parasail wing. The vehicle then moves at a fast speed taking the rider up in the air that’s similar to the experience of gliding on a parachute.


5.Windsurfing –

Windsurfing is a combination of sailing and surfing. It makes use of a 2m to 3m long board that’s fueled by wind. The sail area spans between 2.5 square meters to 12 square meters depending upon the external conditions, the equipment and the strength of the sailor.


6.Banana rides –

You can go sailing on a banana boat and double your excitement and fun. Such boats are generally used for recreational purposes and are safer than other water sports. Children above the age of 4 can enjoy these rides.


7.Fishing trips –

You can also go fishing on the beach and enjoy catching fishes using nets.

With so many interesting things to do on the Katara beach, do you need any more reasons to visit this place?


Ankita More's insight:

The Katara beach is one of the major attractions in Qatar. You can engage in all of the aforementioned sports if you visit the beach. Right from simple rides to the exciting water sports, you can have a great experience at the beach.


Visit Our Website For More Info About Katara Beach : 



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Advantages Of Having Seafood – Dive Into It

Advantages Of Having Seafood – Dive Into It | Katara Cultural Village | Scoop.it



If you’ve ever been to a seafood restaurant in Qatar or any other place, you would agree that the fish is extremely delicious. Moreover, it’s a known fact that seafood doesn’t just satisfy your taste buds, but it tags along a lot of health benefits as well. Mentioned below are a few advantages of having seafood.

1. It is good for the eyes – As fishes have abundant of oils in them, they help to keep the eyes healthy. A recent research has shown that the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish help to prevent diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that causes the vision to become blurred and the retina to deteriorate. Since fish also has retinol, that’s a kind of vitamin A, it improves night vision as well.
2. It keeps your joints healthy – A recent research has shown a link between omega 3 fatty acids and rheumatoid arthritis. This medical condition causes the joints to swell up. People who have fish on a regular basis have apparently found some relief in their arthritis condition.
3. It clears out your lungs – Research work conducted by scientists has shown fish to be helpful in protecting the lungs. Seafood has been found to not just relieve symptoms of asthma but prevent the condition as well.
4. It keeps your heart healthy – Various studies have shown that regular fish consumption can cut your risk of developing heart disease. The main reason behind this effect is the abundance of omega 3 fatty acids in fish. A direct link has been found between fish consumption and reduced risk of heart problems.
5. It provides you with vital nutrients –All kinds of vital nutrients such as iodine, zinc, potassium, and more can be obtained from fish and shellfish. Seafood also provides your body with essential nutrients such as vitamin D and A.
6. It protects your skin from conditions such as eczema – Fish is an excellent source of protein that is necessary to produce collagen in the body. This substance makes the skin stiff and flexible. Besides, seafood protects you from conditions such as psoriasis as well.
7. It improves your memory – Omega 3 fat is an essential ingredient of the human brain. Therefore, people who have seafood seem to have less chances of developing memory problems and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is also known to boost children’s concentration and reading skills.
8. It safeguards your body against bowel disturbances – Conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome can be overcome by having seafood on a regular basis. Scientists have found a link between omega 3 fatty acids and relief in symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.
9. It is good for the blood vessels – Conditions such as blood clots can be prevented by having seafood regularly.  The omega-3 oils present in fish can reduce the risk of developing blood clots by preventing the formation of eicosanoids. The latter is a hormone responsible for increasing the risk of blood clots.
10. It can prevent depression - Researchers have found a link between omega-3 fats and depression symptoms. Having seafood can also reduce your chances of suffering from post natal depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

So do you need any more reasons to have seafood? Happy eating!

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Our mouth watering and delicious Seafood restaurant in Qatar  are waiting for you. Katara cultural village are full with different types of seafood restaurant at one place visit our site for information about various restaurants in Katara Village



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