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Element announces two new cases for the Galaxy S4 - Enter to win one now! | Android Central

Element announces two new cases for the Galaxy S4 - Enter to win one now! | Android Central | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Element ATOM & ECLIPSE for Galaxy S4 Element makes some mighty fine cases for smartphones, and they have just recently released two new designs for the Galaxy S4 that are sure to delight you.
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Top 10 Apps of the week! « Official Genie9 Blog

Top 10 Apps of the week! « Official Genie9 Blog | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Genie9 blog
Amanda Stephan's insight:

February is here, and we start it off with a brand new Top 10 list, that is so versatile we’ll have you fitter than ever with laser vision, 007 swag and still crushing candy like a pro! Be sure to check our selection and let us know what your thought are!

1. Walking Text (Get it for your android) Free

We used to be mortified at the sight of people walking with their eyes locked down on their Smartphone, turns out it’s inevitable and we got into that habit as well! Thankfully, there’s a free app now that can help us all avoid falling in a huge fountain or worse an open manhole.

2. Fitocracy (Get it for your android) Free

Despite the fact that January is over, and most New Year’s resolutions end with it, we’re still determined to bring you the best and newest fitness Apps all year long. This little handy app uniquely melds excessive with a competitive process that “rewards” the completion of tasks, thus avoiding the label of “yet another fitness app” and better yet molding it into a well-developed life coach.

3. Umano (Get it for your android) Free

Umano was actually launched a couple of months ago on the iPhone, and now is available for Android users as well. This app provides excursionists as well as other users a curated selection of articles that are read to the users by voice actors. Give it a try!

4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Get it for your android) Free

We all know how troublesome it is to try to find inspiration for interior and exterior design, so this so called “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” ought to be the salvation for such problems. Houzz boasts itself for having the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 500,000 high resolution photos. Swap your design magazines for this virtual idea book!

5. Tile Launcher Beta (Get it for your android)Free

Whether you’re a Windows Phone enthusiast or not, at some point you’re going to have to cave in the idea of tiles; Microsoft’s pretty much putting them everywhere! On the Xbox, PC, tablet, they’re inevitable! If you do actually like tiles over icon though you’ll be pleased to try out this Beta App available now.

6. Hushed (Get it for your android) Free

Are you a Spy, Detective or better yet, James Bond? Well, this is the app you’ve been waiting for! Hushed allows you to create disposable phone numbers that you can use in 40 different countries. It resembles the Burner app for iPhone, yet Hushed transmits calls over data connections rather than over regular phone lines.

7. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere (Get it for your android) Free

For those of you out there who are not enjoying the luxury of the latest Android version, it’s safe to say you are missing out on many things one of which is having a split screen that shows 2 different apps working at the same time. Having such an option is in need a gift from the tech geeks, especially if you are a businessman opting to go mobile rather than PC. Now with Swapps even Ice Cream Sandwichers or lower can enjoy this feature.

8. Ctrl+C (Get it for your android) Free

Sharing text, link URLs, news articles, jokes or any other words has never been quite easy. But with Ctrl+C it’s all possible and effortless. For those familiar with copy and paste commands, the app really could be called Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Since it allows you to take text from one location and transition it to any chat window, any email, any text, etc.

9. Cloudnotion (Get it for your android) Free

We all loved “Message in a bottle” not only because of the charming Kevin Costner; it was more about receiving a surprise message from a stranger that seems so appealing. Well, how if you could enjoy such “serendipity” of sorts in this day and age? With Cloudnotion, a game based on GPS, users can leave message at the point they are, and once someone else is there, they can enjoy reading what others left.

10. Candy Crush Saga (Get it for your android) Free

Last but not least, we bring you the bejeweled addictive crazy game that has taken us by storm; Candy Crush. Here you have to match 3 or more like candies to break them away. While this might sound mundane and not original at all, you’ll find yourself hung up for those extra lives and eager to get to the next level.

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Samsung Reveals Samsung Galaxy S IV release date and features

Samsung Reveals Samsung Galaxy S IV release date and features | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Samsung Reveals Samsung Galaxy S IV release date and features. Samsung Galaxy S IV will be released on March or April of 2013, and will be available for shipping at April 15.

Via Mark Mayhew
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Cybercriminals targeting Android users searching for Windows drivers

Cybercriminals targeting Android users searching for Windows drivers | Just Android! | Scoop.it
No surprise here: cybercriminals are taking advantage of the less informed Android users. The latest trick? Targeting those who search for Windows drivers that would let them connect Android devices to their PCs.

The MO is simple – fraudsters create malware-riddled sites targeting keywords related to certain Android devices. When a user visits the trap site, he or she is served up with malware.

Users visiting the compromised site from Android are served links to fake Play Stores, filled with fake Android apps that send SMS to international premium services. Unsuspecting users that download such apps are served huge bills, while fraudsters walk away with nice payoffs.

If the malware site is visited from Windows, users get their IE homepage replaced with an escort site.

The security site that reported the scheme, GFI, has issued an advice for users:

Only visit and download genuine apps from the real Google Play website by keying in play.google.com to the address bar of your mobile or PC internet browser. This ensures that you will not be directed to sites that merely look like the actual site. This also ensures that the readily available apps you wish to download are not malicious.

Our advice – stay away from third-party app stores. Browse the Play Store using the official app. Stay away from dodgy apps. Pretty much common sense, don’t you agree?

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Android Performance

5 Simple Ways to Improve Android Performance | Just Android! | Scoop.it

Has Android device indeed is quite fun. Because as we all know that this device has a high flexibility in terms of modifications. Quite often we hear the term root meaning legalized access to the operating system to make it easier to be modified with a variety of custom ROMs that rated better and faster. Yeah that’s one thing that can optimize the performance of your Android operating system. In addition there are many other easy ways to optimize the performance and functions of Android as one of the leading operating systems today. Here are simple tips that will improve the performance of Android as an operating system known to have many functions.


Download Application
One of the features of Android is its openness to a variety of applications available via the Android Market of course. Be deemed null and useless if you do not have an Android phone of important applications such as Office. You do not need to spend a lot of money, not even a cent dollars came out of your pocket because Android is known to provide many free apps. For example, if you want to feel the sensation of the Office application that can be downloaded for free in the Android Market, try searching with keywords King Office.


Doing Update
The next thing is still associated with the application. Some of the applications that you have downloaded will periodically provide a notification to update. Yes, notification update of this course you should follow some reforms such as eliminating some of the bugs that are still present in the previous version. In addition to the renewal application, you also have to occasionally check if the software for Android you already have the latest updates? If yes, please do not hesitate to renew it.


Using Cloud Storage
Yes, cloud storage as a well-known lately. By using cloud storage you do not have to worry about run out of capacity in your Android phone. In addition, the usefulness of such a Dropbox cloud storage, SkyDrive or Google Drive will allow you to synchronize files from your PC or other devices into a single folder in the cloud more accessible directly via the Android. You can access it anytime anywhere as long as you have installed the Android app cloud storage, and thus has access to the internet to access it.


Using Internet Package
This third tip could be as one of the tips to be more wise use of Android. Using Internet packages usually have lower rates than you have to sacrifice your pulse eroded dollars per dollars as the Internet continues to run. Moreover, some operators in the country today as sell internet package rates at a price much cheaper than before. Internet usage on Android phones is very important, just look at the previous 3 tips that require you to use the internet facilities.


Deadly Mobile In Periodic
Last tips given by this to improve the performance of Android is certainly very simple. By turning off your phone and remove the battery on a regular basis for example, 2 times a day will ease the burden of RAM on your phone. These simple tips can also be done using the task manager to shut down the application processes that are still active in the background.

Yeah like that’s five tips you can do to improve the performance of Android in terms of performance and functionality for the better. Because if you treat the green robot more wisely then he would be a very big benefit in the future will facilitate our work.

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Five years of Android by the numbers

Five years of Android by the numbers | Just Android! | Scoop.it
The Android operating system celebrates its fifth birthday with half a billion activations and counting on a 'Galaxy' of different devices. Read this article by Eric Mack on CNET News.

Via Pavan Bawdane
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Is Android 4.2 Really That Big a Deal? - AndroidPIT

Is Android 4.2 Really That Big a Deal? - AndroidPIT | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Undoubtedly, it's going to take a long time to get a taste of Android 4.2, unless you happen to own a Nexus. Google announced the latest version of Android last week but, with manufacturers and carriers to contend with, by the time you receive your update Google may be ready to announce an even newer version of Android.
But...should you care?
Yes, on paper at least, Android 4.2 seems to be a fairly sizable update. But many of its star features are already available to you if you're running a skinned version of Android.
Gesture Typing
Use Swype. Really. Gesture typing in Android 4.2 sounds great, but there's a fairly large chance that it will be watered down anyway by the time it reaches your phone. Manufacturers typically install their own keyboards, and there's little reason to believe this trend will change by the time Android 4.2 rolls around.
Wireless Mirroring
This service is already available to HTC and Samsung owners through Media Link HD and AllShare, respectively.
Google Now Enhancements

Available to you NOW. Simply go to the Google Search app in the Play Store and click "update."
Lockscreen Widgets
Okay, this one is harder to replace. You'll have to wait for this to roll-out to your model. That said, I wouldn't call this a major feature.
Quick Settings
Already standard on most manufacturer phones, this will only be an upgrade if you're running stock Android.
Support for Multiple Users
Only rolling out to tablet owners.
Music Explorer for Google Play Music
This will likely roll out as an update for the Google Play Music app, so no need to fret.
New Camera UI
Looks great, but will likely be replaced with manufacturer skins once the update rolls out anyway.
Google is unofficially calling Android 4.2 a maintenance update, because it really ain't that significant. That said, if you don't want to wait around for an update that will most likely be lackluster, I'm sure we'll be able to help you install the unedited version of this update on your rooted phone in the coming days and weeks.

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Dyzplastic announces special Big Android BBQ edition Android collectibles

Dyzplastic announces special Big Android BBQ edition Android collectibles | Just Android! | Scoop.it

Headed to the Big Android BBQ later this month? Of course you are, because you’re awesome. If you’ve been to either of the last two events then you know that you’ll be getting your hands on one of those wonderful Dyzplastic Android collectibles. Guess what? There’s a two-pack special edition for this year, inspired by the annual barbecue! While it won’t be the one given away simply for attending, the collectible box will be offered on-site, at a very attractive $20 price.

The Androids comes together in a case style window box ready to enjoy the day with camera, spatula and bbq accessories.
Can’t make it to the Big Android BBQ but still want to get your dirty paws on one of these? You’re in luck! The kit will be made available online for anyone and everyone come October 20th, at the same price.

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Hide Certain Files in Android Music Player (or Photo Gallery)

Hide Certain Files in Android Music Player (or Photo Gallery) | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Recently I moved from India to UK to pursue higher studies and to make the long distance thing work out, I often send some recorded messages on WhatsApp to my girlfriend. While talking on Skype the other day, she told me that the WhatsApp audio files are sweet but they create a problem when she is listening to music on phone in her leisure time.

She didn’t want to delete all the audio files I sent her and neither did she like them cluttering her playlists. She wanted me to find out a workaround that would let her keep all these audio files in her SD card but at the same time restrict them from appearing in the music app. And after bit of a research I told her how she could get that done.
If you too are looking for a solution for the aforementioned problem, here it is. And don’t worry, I will not ask you to root your phone for this simple task.

Hiding Unnecessary Audio (Media) Files in Android
Step 1: On your computer, open notepad, don’t write anything and save the file as .nomedia. This will create an empty file on your computer. Do remember that you select All files while saving the notepad file or you will end up making a useless text file.

Step 2: Now mount your phone as a mass storage device and copy this empty .nomedia file to all the folders that contain the audio files you would like to exclude from the music media scanner. You can try using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but as the file we are transferring is an Android system file, you might get some problems. So better to do it over USB.
Here since we are talking about the WhatsApp audio files, as you see in the screenshot below, I have navigated to the media folder within WhatsApp folder on my Android’s SD card and then added that empty file there.

Step 3: After you transfer the file, unmount your phone from mass storage device and restart it.
After your phone is restarted, you will no longer be seeing unnecessary audio files in your music track list. Moreover, the .nomedia file will also not be visible using any file explorer as long as you have not opted to show hidden system files.

If The Files Are Still Showing Up
Sometime, even after a reboot, you will see the audio files in the music player. This is beacause the files are still in the Android’s Media Storage cache. If this happens, you will have to clear the Media Storage cache manually.

To clear the cache, open Android Settings–> Apps. In App, navigate to All Apps and open Media Storage and tap the button Clear data. After clearing the data, restart your phone to get a cleaner music playlist.
The trick worked out perfectly for my girlfriend and I am pretty sure it will work out for you as well. Also remember that the trick can not only hide just the audio files but also photos and videos as well from the gallery. Simply put a .nomedia file in the folders that contain your photos and videos that you would like to hide and restart your phone.

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We Found Nemo! « Official Genie9 Blog

We Found Nemo! « Official Genie9 Blog | Just Android! | Scoop.it

We have no idea when it started to be cool to name winter storms, but apparently the theme that’s trending is Cartoonish! With winter storm “Nemo” hitting many major states and cities in the US such as NYC, Massachusetts, New Jersey and many more it’s only logical to be adequately prepared for the worst. Regardless of where you are, one must always be ready so as to remain safe during such unfortunate events.
IT preparations are fast becoming the number one concern soon after employee safety that is of course.

So as to help you in the field we’re best at, we shall provide you with the 3 most imperative steps you ought to live by:

1) Always keep your data protected

Needless for much explanation and long speeches on how important it is to backup; everyone already knows Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” So why risk it?

2) Get in the habit of making backup copies, and do that frequently.

It does not only take a major tsunami to damage data; loss or damage happens all the time and yet such catastrophic conditions make it all the worse. Physical buildings are harshly affected by environmental damage and yet we must not fail to consider our digital information that can also be instantly lost. So, how are you prepared for such catastrophes?

3) Choose the right backup solution.

While this might be considered as negotiable or variable according to one’s personal preference, we do not think data loss is indeed negotiable. Whatever the circumstances, a good backup never fails its customers. So, unlike other solutions and services that will employ their own private servers, Zoolz is a real cloud backup solution where your data does not reside on one real physical location, but rather is deduplicated while in an encrypted state over a multitude of different locations.

So not Nemo, Shrek or Ratatouille will have you worried about your data if it’s on Zoolz! Download it today and stay protected and safe.

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Top 10 Apps of the week! « Official Genie9 Blog

Top 10 Apps of the week! « Official Genie9 Blog | Just Android! | Scoop.it

We cannot believe how fast time flies! January practically flew by! So, we decided to recap with the top apps for this month; from intriguing social networking apps, free sous chefs, very handy utility apps all the way to GPS enabled apps that will have you remembering the location of anything you want! Give our picks a spin and let us know what your thoughts are.


1. Temple Run 2 (Get it for your android) Free

More than 20m downloads and a week after its iOS release, Temple Run 2 is finally available for Android. The sequel drastically enhances the graphics, adding more depth to the original runner as you swipe to jump, slide and turn your way through the scenery to evade an angry giant monkey.

8. MyScript Calculator (Get it for your android) Free

We all know that if you want to perform anything more complex than simple arithmetic on a smartphone can be very reminiscing of advanced calculus. Of course, you can simply do basic addition, subtraction and multiplication, yet when it comes to more advanced functions and formulas you’ll have to hunt around your device for the corresponding symbols. Well, MyScript Calculator terminates all this hassle and even offers the user’s own handwriting simplifying the whole process.

3. LifeKraze (Get it for your android) Free

This new app puts an interesting spin to the usual social networks; with LifeKraze it’s all about posting your achievements as they happen as well as voting on the great things others do. You’ll be happy to know there’s more to this app than the moral boost; such interactions can earn you discounts from various online merchants.

4. Whisk (Get it for your android) Free

So this is the sous chef you’ve been waiting for but couldn’t afford! Whisk not only helps you out when you’re on the search for innovative cooking ideas, it also aids you with a full list of ingredients of what you’ll need to purchase and even offers integration with local supermarkets to get those groceries delivered right to your door.

5. G Cloud Backup (Get it for your android)Free

Phones get lost, stolen and misplaced every single day. In this hectic life we’re leading, it’s hard to remember where you placed your keys, so having a backup plan is always a must! With G Cloud installed, one can rest assured that all the precious contacts and data can never be lost. So G Cloud is definitely a must in 2013!

6. Pocket (Get it for your android) Free

How many times have you caught yourself spotting something really interesting online; be it a video, article or even a PR and yet you did not have the time to sit down and enjoy/read it properly. Well, this app is here to save such items right into your digital “pocket” so you’re downtime will be more productive.

7. What’s the Word? 4 Pics 1 Word (Get it for your android) Free

It seems that word guessing games are now the trend in the android market, and for those of you who do not know the rules, well don’t worry they are quite simple; this game will show you 4 different pictures with something in common and this 1 thing is the answer. It’s a fun pastime.

8. Find My Car (Get it for your android) Free

We all know how it feels when you lose your car in a parking lot and feel like you’re in that episode of Seinfeld where they endlessly search for their car. Frustrating, yes, but nowadays you don’t have to be anymore. Just fire up this handy little app and you won’t have to worry about car, hotel or any other locations.

9. Mobile World Congress 2013 (Get it for your android) Free

Mobile enthusiasts rejoice for this one is for you; it’s an unofficial app for the February Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. The app offers venue details, conference session info and exhibitor data that is very handy while at the show.

10. Speedtest.net (Get it for your android) Free

We all know the feeling when you’re browsing the internet and yet feel the connection is wonky. So here is the easiest and recognized way of checking the upload and download speeds of a connected wireless network or the ping response times. SpeedTest also allows Android users to test the efficiency of their cellular data network.

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Celebrate the holidays Genie9 style!

Celebrate the holidays Genie9 style! | Just Android! | Scoop.it

The stockings are ready and hung up, the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the turkey is being roasted to perfection in the oven and everything is going as planned. What’s next? What’s missing you ask? Well, a festive plan for Christmas day of course! When the build-up and excitement for Christmas Eve is behind us, the perplexing feeling of “what to do now?” is inevitable.

If you still do not have a fixed Christmas day tradition that keeps you (and the kids) occupied all day long, then this list will aid you and your family to get the most out of this most needed quality time. We hope it will inspire you and may you all have a blessed holiday!

1. Become Involved
Acts of kindness are vital in these harsh times we live in, so we kick start out list with the hopes to inspire you to do more good deeds. A single tweet from Ann Currey lead to the whole #26Acts of Kindness movement that aims to aid somehow in the tragic Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. There is no good deed that is too small to be reckoned with, so participate in the way you find most suitable.

2. Move it
While the holidays may keep us indoors for most of the time, and with all the delicious dinners everyone’s preparing, we are in the utmost need for some fresh air and exercise. So, take a stroll down the neighborhood, enjoy the beautiful lights that illuminate every sidewalk and do something active and fun with the whole family outside!

3. Embark on new traditions
Gather your whole family, sit around the Christmas tree and discuss what you’d want to achieve next year. Motivate every member of the family to participate and write down at least one goal and then place it somewhere special until next Christmas. This is a very nice new tradition to adopt for years to come.

4. Go Caroling
There are always those in need of a little Christmas cheer, so why not make it festive and gather the whole family as well as your friends and go sing your way to enlighten their day!

5. Give back
‘Tis the season to give back to your community, so why not contribute by doing a charity work of some sort this Christmas? If you do not have anything on your agenda for Christmas day, then giving out meals at a shelter or any similar charity work would be ideal.

6. Bake treats
We don’t know any kids who don’t enjoy baking cookies and treats. However, they are usually deprived this joy in the interest of time. Yet, if everything is ready and going as planned, there is no harm in adding this to the list for Christmas day festivities.

7. Movie Marathon time
What’s better than getting comfy on the couch, cuddling up with the family and enjoying a movie marathon? Pop some popcorn, light up the fireplace, turn the lights down low, watch the snow and enjoy the movie fiesta!

8. Story telling time
If you and your kids are not into movies and are more of the intellectual reading type, then you can get cozy, and set up the same atmosphere but with your favorite Christmas stories. Here is our favorite children’s bookscollection for everyone to enjoy.

9. Help the Reindeers
If you have little kids then this one is sure to impress and entertain them. We’ve stumbled upon an amusing website that has a fun and unique idea of making Magical Reindeer Food l to sprinkle in the snow. “The special food” is meant to aid the reindeers to get correctly to your house and giving them a snack while Santa is delivering his gifts. Fun and really entertaining for the little ones!

10. Stalk Santa
Yes, the stalkers among you will be thrilled with this one; not only can you stalk Santa nowadays, even Reindeers can be tracked down with this website www.ReindeerCam.com where you can enjoy the live feed of Santa’s helpers. If you stick around long enough you’ll even be able to spot Santa.
Not satisfied and need more convincing? Well, with the latest technological enhancements, not even Santa can stay off the radar. Track down Santa as he makes his way across the globe. For more fun and activities, you can play online games North Pole style.

Finally, if you’ve got a long drive for Christmas Eve to someone’s house, you can keep the kidos entertained with some cyber-fun with the Mobile App versions of those websites.

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Qeexo FingerSense screen able to distinguish knuckle, stylus, nail, and finger taps | Android Central

Qeexo FingerSense screen able to distinguish knuckle, stylus, nail, and finger taps | Android Central | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Qeexo, a small company borne out of Carnegie Mellon, has been introducing FingerSense, a technology that allows smartphones and tablets to tell the difference between touches with a fingertip, finger pad, nail, knuckle, stylus, or stylus eraser.

They've modified a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a special acoustic sensor, while their custom software demonstrates wide variety of applications, including contextual menus accessed through knuckle-taps, artistic input, and gaming. Qeexo is quietly getting developers hooked up with their Android SDK, and as a part of their pitch to OEMs, Qeexo boasts FingerSense is low-latency, real-time, and has a small demand on power.

Personally, I could see this kind of touch behavior becoming very natural, and adding a whole level of navigational depth to Android beyond the standard set of gestures we've become used to. The only problem is that it hinges on smartphone manufacturers being on board, and even then, it can take awhile for them to work it into a final, shipped product. At the same time, Qeexo has to win over developers to support the input with compelling experiences that push manufacturers to adopt FingerSense - a hard sell for busy developers.

More information on FingerSense, including a finished paper on the project is available here, while developers can learn more about getting involved at Qeexo's site. Developers, any interest? What are the odds that an OEM will pick this up? Could you guys see yourselves using knuckle-taps on a regular basis?

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Google+ now implementing Play Store direct download links for apps | Android Central

Google+ now implementing Play Store direct download links for apps | Android Central | Just Android! | Scoop.it
App links to the Google Play Store can now be accessed as a direct download in Google+.
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Android 4.x close to 30% install base | Android and Me

Android 4.x close to 30% install base | Android and Me | Just Android! | Scoop.it
The transition away from the old Android, anything below Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, has been slow and painful. It’s been a year since Android made the major shift away from the confused mess that was its earlier releases.
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Nexus 4; All the latest and comparisons with the iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 « Official Genie9 Blog

Nexus 4; All the latest and comparisons with the iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 « Official Genie9 Blog | Just Android! | Scoop.it
With Monday came Google’s official announcement of the LG Nexus 4, yet it did not yield the expected approval from the customers due to the astounding absence of LTE support. Last year’s Nexus model had an LTE variant, making the 3G-only Nexus 4 appear even more so as a relapse.


Google also announce the Nexus 10 tablet, a 3G version of the Nexus 7 and Android 4.2 ; all of which were set to be unveiled at an event in New York but got cancelled due to the unfortunate Hurricane Sandy.


The Google Nexus 4, manufactured by LG, is most certainly an exceptional Android Smartphone, yet the inevitable question on everyone’s mind remains: how does it compare to the major rivals such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII ? Well, we’ll help you out and compare the specs below.


Display & Dimensions

Despite the general consensus that comes with the name, the Nexus 4 has a 4.7 inch touch-screen, running at a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. This gives the new smartphone a 320 pixels-per-inch (ppi), which comes in very favorably when compared to the iPhone 5’s 4inch 326 ppi Retina display, and definitely beats the Galaxy SIII’s 4.8 inch 306 ppi display.

Now let’s move to the dimensions; 134mm * 69mm * 9mm and weighs in at 139g, making it larger and heavier than the iPhone 5. This, however, does not come as a surprise thanks to the larger screen-size and the higher capacity 2100 mAH battery. A more object comparison would be with the Galaxy SIII since it is just slightly thicker and heavier.


Power & Features

Google is keen to roll each and every one of its devices with impeccable amount of power, and the new Nexus 4 is no exception. The smartphone boasts a quad-core 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon, S4 processor and 2GB of RAM, easily giving it the upper hand over both the iPhone ( dual-core A6 processor & 1GB of RAM) and the Galaxy SIII ( 1.4 Ghz quad-core processor & 1GB of RAM).

When it comes to Kodak moments, the three smartphones rank pretty much equally; the Nexus 4 has an 8 mega-pixel rear facing camera & a 1.3 mp front-facing clicker for those video calls. The iPhone, similarly, has an 8 mp and 1.2 mp, the Galaxy SIII has an 8 mp and 1.9 mp.

The one major advantage the Nexus 4 can boast over its two major rivals is its unprecedented wireless charging, which is not supported on both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. The wireless charging mat comes included in the retail box, hence saving you the burden of buying an extra accessory that would’ve been exploited had it been Apple’s.

Operating System

The very latest version of the Android Jelly Bean OS, the Android 4.2, is the one implemented in the Nexus 4. The new OS comes with a lot of new enhancements such as the Photo Sphere, an improved version of Google Now and Gesture Typing.

Apple’s latest flagship runs on their latest OS; the iOS 6, while the Galaxy SIII is a step behind the Nexus 4 since it runs on the “oh so last month’s Jelly Bean” 4.1. Not to sound so harsh, the GSIII will be updated surly in the near future, yet the fact that the Nexus 4 comes preinstalled with the latest version still gives it the upper hand.

Lack of 4G & microSD support

We’ve always been taught that all that shines is not gold, and this is true for the Nexus 4 for it does not impress in every category; astoundingly it lacks support for 4G LTE, as well as the lack of support for microSD cards, obliging you to be content with either 8 or 16 GB of existing memory. Of course, this might not satisfy many hungry GB consuming users, but they’ll have to make do with the cloud-based storage. Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII come in at 16, 32 and 64 models, with Samsung’s support for microSD cards.


To sum it all up for the non tech savvy; the Google Nexus 4 is a compelling smartphone, offers an equivalent display, competitive battery and almost duplicate cameras as its major rivals. It runs on the latest Android OS with the only setback being the lack of support for the 4G and microSD cards. However, this setback is trivial when you take into consideration the pricing; the Nexus 4 is almost half the price of the iPhone 5 and over $160 cheaper than the precious Galaxy SIII. Those who are content with just 8GB of memory can even boast an even greater deal and pay a mere $386.8 for such a great power-packed Droid.

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Backup & Restore Android Data On Cloud With G Cloud Backup Automatically

Backup & Restore Android Data On Cloud With G Cloud Backup Automatically | Just Android! | Scoop.it

The cloud service has now taken over the android app marketplace as well. Newly launched G Cloud Backup brings in facility to easily backup Android data, contacts, call logs, SMS and other files on their dedicated cloud service. All such tasks are performed without needing to root your device. That’s not all, it also facilitates automatic daily backup which also includes support for External SD cards as well. The self-proclaimed best and easiest cloud service backup to date has some interesting features to backup its claim. Unfortunately, installed app backup is absent in this application, but so many features offered without needing rooting is an achievement in itself.


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History of Android

History of Android | Just Android! | Scoop.it
Android, This word means a lot in present High-Tech World. Today Smartphone are known for its operating system which is Android. Earlier there is no option for operating systems like Android in mobile, as usual there are symbian, java featured operating systems but today things had changed a lot, everyone wants a Smartphone which is functioned on Android only. Even if someone asks me that what smartphone would i should buy? I suggest them to buy a one which consist of android in it with latest version no matter what’s the cost. In a very short span of time android created a reputed place in the market. What is this Android actually? Android is a software cluster for mobile devices that includes an operating system OS, key applications and middleware. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs required to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. About the design, Kernal of Android is based on Linux kernal and further furnished by Google. Android doesn’t have a essential X Window System nor does it support the full set of standard GNU libraries, which makes it difficult to port existing Linux applications or libraries to Android.

Now, I want to share something about Android’s history. Android Incorporation was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States in October, 2003 by Andy Rubin : co-founder of Danger (Danger Incorporation was a company exclusively in platforms, software, design, and services for mobile computing devices), Rich Miner : co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Incorporation, Nick Sears : once VP at T-Mobile, and Chris White : headed design and interface development at Web TV. From starting Android Incorporation operated secretly, expose only that it was working on mobile software’s. On that same year, Rubin had some sort of financial problems and Steve Perlman gave him $10,000 cash in an envelope and refused a stake in Android Incorporation.
Google took over Android Incorporation in August 2005, making Android Incorporation a entire owned property of Google Incorporation main employees of Android Incorporation, including Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Chris White, stayed at the company after the possession of Google. Not much was known about Android Incorporation at the time of the acquisition, but people conclude that Google was planning to penetrate the mobile phone market with their weapon i.e Android.

After that on 12, November 2007 Android beta SDK was released. Many of you thinking what is SDK? its a Software Development Kit which gives you platform to make new applications, games and other softwares. With proper knowledge you can make any application according to your will.
On 23 September, 2008 the first Android device is launched, that is HTC Dream G1 which operates Android 1.0,and after that android shows 1.1 update which was released for T-Mobile G1 only.
On November 5, 2007, the Open Handset Alliance, a bunch of several companies which include Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Marvell Technology Group, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments expose themselves in front of media itself. The aim of the Open Handset Alliance is to develop open standards for mobile devices. On the same day, the Open Handset Alliance also unveiled their first product, Android, a mobile device platform which is built on the Linux kernel (version 2.6).
On 9 December, 2008 14 new members accompany, including ARM Holdings, Asustek Computer Inc, Garmin Ltd, Huawei Technologies, PacketVideo, Atheros Communications, Vodafone, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba Corp.

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