"On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry" by C.G. Jung | Jung's Attack to Freud Theory | Scoop.it

Jung attacks Freud's theory in his essay "The Interperatation of dreams".  However, he agress only on the layers of human psyche which are : Id, ego and super ego. Jung disagrees with Freud and says art is is different in nature than science , so we can not  use scientific methods to analyze art. He believes also that we have collective unconscious with the personal unconscious, because creative writing is not only related to the fulfillment of erotic passion but also related to social elements. In addition,  he disagrees with Freud's belief that symbols are disguises for referents. For Jung symbols are archetypes.  Lastly, he points to focusing on the progress process of creative writing and not the essence as Freud says.