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Paris, Tuesday, July 3rd 2012
It's at the Showcase club, that Julien Fournié decided once again to do he's own love declaration of love to modern couture.
Strongly inspired by the comics illustrator Alex Ross, Mr. Fournié revamped the comics iconography to make the bold colors of his new winter collection even more vibrant by combining them with stark black outlines. Those outlines follow the Maison Fournié's DNA: long zippers, elongated silhouettes and ethereal shapes.
Also, willing to follow his own pathway, he and his Atelier, took over the challenge of mixing, luxurious, yet traditional fabrics, like fur or organza, with very high tech ones, like metal, bakelite, neoprene and even latex.
One of the key pieces, is a nude color, one piece welded, seamless latex evening dress.
As a result, Fournié's women appear strong yet vulnerable at the same time, thanks to a very feminine and body conscious collection.

ショーケースクラッブの中で、ファッションデザイナー ジュリアン・フルニエの新しい秋冬オートクチュールショーで始まった。
インスピレーションはアレックス・ロッス (Alex Ross) のアメリカン・コミックの世界。

Via Jean Paul Cauvin