Dassault Systèmes’ FashionLab comprises thousands of computer tools embraced by stylists to create inch-perfect designs in 3D – saving them valuable time and cost in making samples.

Designer Julien Fournié says: ‘Fashion designers are often scared of technology, especially in haute couture – they think it will hinder the creative process and make the clothes less special and unique.

‘But the engineering team at Dassault Systèmes really listened to me and adapted the tools to my unique way of working.

‘Before, I had to sketch every drawing by hand many times over but that has all changed. It allows me to be more precise and takes care of many of the time-consuming tasks, which actually enhances my creativity by allowing me to focus on design.’

Meanwhile, the French company’s applications are also powering AR changing rooms so shoppers can try on clothes virtually in their living room or go interactive in store.

A camera photographs the shopper, displays designs on their digitised body and as they move, the 3D clothes move with them. You can then upload images to social-networking sites to get your friends’ opinions.

The developers say this is especially useful if you want to try on lots of items in a short space of time or the store doesn’t have your size or colour in stock.

And how about creating an avatar that automatically selects clothes it thinks will suit you? These are all advances being driven by the falling cost of computer hardware.

FashionLab director Jerôme Bergeret adds: ‘Our mission is to develop 3D virtual modelling and collaborative tools that meet the needs of this industry and enable it to master the end-to-end creative process, from styling to final buyer.’

Via FashionLab