Journeys Are Journalicious!
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Journeys Are Journalicious!
The Journey: Seperation, Change, and Return
Curated by Bailey Ann
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Scooped by Bailey Ann!

"I Run For Life" by Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Ethridge wrote this song about her struggle and long journey through breast cancer.  She was diagnosed in 2004 and continues to fight.  This song is an inspiration to people around the world to keep fighting to survive the deadly disease. It expresses why she runs the different races that are fundraisers for cancer, and shows the dedication she had through this hard journey.

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Scooped by Bailey Ann!

Always and Forever by Linda Etling

Always and Forever


Always and forever I will walk with Thee,

Standing in Your shadow so blessed and free.

Knowing You'll guide me all through the day

With Your comforting hand to lead the way

I praise You Lord for all You've done

For my life's path and victories won!

There's no greater friend that I could find

Than You my Savior with love divine!

My Life forever Yours will be

For all You gave on Calvary!

This love could never be repaid

Your Grace has taken me all the way!

Thank you for forgiving me

And opening my eyes so I can see.

That Grace and Love will over flow

When always and forever with You I'll go!

Always and forever I will follow You,

Always and forever for your love so True!

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