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Small group leadership and team building skills are vital in today's business climate. No longer do people act alone in their efforts at work. More often than not, at some point in your career you may find yourself in charge of, or part of a small group or team.

Business isn't the only place this is true, however. There are many times we find ourselves part of a group. These can be as casual as a neighborhood walking group, and as formal as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. We can also be in a team situation with recreational sports, school activities, and church groups.

We will take a look at this from the perspective of team building in a church because many of the personal emotions are often left out if we approach it from a strictly "business" vantage point. The same principals that you would employ in a church small group will be the same for any small group- after all, a small group, or team is made up of "people" and these people have common needs and feelings no matter what the setting. Understanding some of the dynamics of a group can help the team be more effective and enjoyable. The main dynamic we will deal with here is the "life cycle" of a group.