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Hundreds of women report rapes by Qaddafi forces

Hundreds of women report rapes by Qaddafi forces | Journalism and Photography |

At first, the responses to the questionnaire about the trauma of the war in Libya were predictable, if tragic: 10,000 people suffering post-traumatic stress, 4,000 children with psychological problems. Then came the unexpected: 259 women said they had been raped by militiamen loyal to Muammar Qaddafi. Dr. Seham Sergewa had been working with children traumatized by the fighting in Libya but soon found herself being approached by troubled mothers who felt they could trust her with their dark secret.The first victim came forward two months ago, followed by two more. All were mothers of children the London-trained child psychologist was treating, and all described how they were raped by militiamen fighting to keep Qaddafi in power. Dr. Sergewa decided to add a question about rape to the survey she was distributing to Libyans living in refugee camps after being driven from their homes. The main purpose was to try to determine how children were faring in the war; she suspected many were suffering from PTSD.To her surprise, 259 women came forward with accounts of rape. They all said the same thing."I was really surprised when I started visiting these areas, first by the number of people suffering from PTSD, including the large number of children among them, and then by the number of women who had been raped from both the east and west of the country," Dr. Sergewa said in an interview with The Associated Press.Rape has been a common weapon of war throughout the ages, most recently in conflicts from the Balkans in Europe to Sri Lanka in Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa, where Congo has been described as the epicenter of sexual crimes.

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Sadly, such conflicts lay hidden and sometimes just ignored where politics matters. I remember there was this case of a Libyan woman who came forth publicly and allegedly, was raped and went through an unspeakable siyuation but was never fairly treated after she decided that enough was enough and wanted to expose the truth. As far as I know, she's moved on with her life somewhere in the Middle East. I am keen to know more on this issue as well as this article, as it is nearly two years old.

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10 Ways to Master Writing For the Web

10 Ways to Master Writing For the Web | Journalism and Photography |
You've heard of SEO. You know about digital content. You're up-to-date on news and politics. You've made your way to PolicyMic. What next?

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This article provides many useful tips for writing onlne articles in this social sharing world we live in.