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FNO: When Customer Engagement Engages the Wrong Crowd

FNO: When Customer Engagement Engages the Wrong Crowd | Consumer Engagement Joshm |
Their experiences with FNO taught some Manhattan-based fashion brands and boutiques the importance of reassessing customer engagement strategies. (RT @OPENForum: What happens when your marketing plan engages the wrong crowd?
Josh Maunsell's insight:

haha well they should have thought about thier engagement strategy before the fashion show. Maby by not offering free booze; could have fixed the issue of having a rowdy crowd. 

Manyang Manyang's comment, May 11, 2013 1:58 AM
This is what can happen for marketers using wrong customer engagement strategy. This is not a good thing for the brand.
Emiliya Ravkina's curator insight, August 18, 2013 4:38 AM

The article shows a clear example of wrong customer engagement strategy. Probably FNO send the wrong brand message to their target audience and to avoid attracting a "rowdy" crowd FNO needed to do more research of their target market. Otherwise those king of situations can build negative reputation toward the brand.

Alysse Woodward's comment, August 20, 2013 1:05 AM
This article appealed to me as all the previous articles I have read are about how to engage a customer and this shows a clear example about how customer engagement went wrong.
To begin with marketing to the wrong target market is the first mistake. Obviously not enough research had been done into the target market and therefore leading to disaster. Promoting free booze obviously appealed to the rowdy crowd that showed up creating havoc. The targeted audience should have been more tightly selected and means to market to this audience should have been directed only to this audience. This website looks at 4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement. The 4 steps they focus on are:
1. Start Early
2. Segment your audience
3. Consider timing
4. Leverage mobile.
Maybe next time New York City’s Fashion’s Night Out is considering marketing an event a good idea would be to look at these 4 simple steps.
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Engagement Advertising: The Future of Brand Advertising? - Forbes

Engagement Advertising: The Future of Brand Advertising? - Forbes | Consumer Engagement Joshm |
In many ways modern advertising has come a long way since tobacco companies first introduced modern techniques in the 1920s to create mass demand to match the new mass production methods.
Josh Maunsell's insight:

This is Interesting article on the development of advertising methods. The current enviroment requires more than just pushing ads through media channels; expecting to get a response from consumers. Nowadays advertising methods include the consumers, by adjusting to thier wants and needs; which is more of a "pull" strategy.

Manyang Manyang's comment, March 20, 2013 8:16 PM
it an interesting article as it talks about fundamental of advertising methods. Josh made a good, in this current environment business need to be engaged with consumers to enable them to receive feedbacks is well, Just throwing ads at consumers as many will not even bother to watch. By business receiving some feedbacks from consumers, it will helped them to target right audiences to be hearing or seeing their ads on whatever mass media they chose to chose e.g T.v, Radio etc. Therefore, messages on advertisement will reach right people.
Johnny Li's comment, March 21, 2013 7:55 PM
It is amazing what technology can do to both customers and marketers today. Over the years marketers invite new and creative way trying to plant their ideas into the customers' minds while at the same time customers always find ways to block them with the help of new technology. When marketers find the online banners don't work anymore the technology actually made the win-win situation possible. As customers we used to have to passivly accpet what was on the ads, but now we can chose what we want to see. When you watch youtube clips, now you can chose the ads you want to watch or they'll chose the ads for you based on what you watch. It is more effective than the old ways of advertising as it has more customer engagement.