10 Wacky Burgers from Around the World | Daily Infographic | Jordan's likes | Scoop.it

These tasty mouthfuls will stretch your idea of what can get go between two (or maybe three) buns. Would you like pickled lemon with that?

I would try all of these, and I bet some are shockingly good. People seem to like putting the french fries into the burger, which, since I like putting potato chips in my sandwiches, I have no right to hate on. It sounds pretty good actually.

I can’t decide if the Mos Rice burger or the Vada Pav is the biggest departure from a traditional burger. On one hand, at least the Vada Pav uses bread for the buns and has something fried in it. On the other hand, at least the Mos Rice has some layers of stuff in it instead of one ball of fried whatever. Actually, a ball of fried whatever is very in line with burger tradition, so I’m going to say that the Mos Rice is the least burger-like burger on this list....

Via Jeff Domansky