ThyrusHolo KIT KAT Light Theme v2.3 APK Thyrus | November 5, 2013 | Personalization | Android O/S 4.0.3+ | 16.34 MB Use ONLY if you are using AOKP, CM10.2 or a similar ROM that is current and has the theme chooser installed/enabled and is based on Android 4.3 or newer. The dialer theme will only work properly in 4.3. If you are using ParanoidAndroid, do not use this theme (only the black theme Kit kat theme will work). PA does not include a lot of theme-relevant commits that other ROMs, like CyanogenMod and AOKP have included since months and years. You can thank their AOSPA for being that theme-unfriendly. This theme enhances the already well designed JellyBean interface in anticipation of the upcoming Kitkat Android 4.4 release and is light themed including a totally inverted dialer and messaging app to holo.light. If you prefer a black version, feel free to use the black edition of my Kit Kat theme on the market (many apps themed like Play Store, Google Now and many others) The the
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