Jonas Smithtin
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Jonas Smithtin
Jonas Smithtin is the CEO of Smithtin, Inc.
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I Like Stuff

Jonas Smithtin likes stuff.

Jonas Smithtin's insight:

Hey, you, get off my cloud
You don't know me and you don't know my style
Who be gettin flam when they come to a jam?
Here I am here I am, the Method Man
Patty cake patty cake hey the method man
Don't eat Skippy, Jif or Peter Pan
Peanut butter, Cause I'm not butter
In fact I snap back like a rubber
band, I be Sam Sam I am
And I don't eat green eggs and ham
Style will hit ya, wham!, then goddamn
You be like oh sh*t that's the jam
Turn it up now hear me get buckwu-wu-wild
I'm about to blow light me up
Upside downside inside and outside
Hittin you from every angle there's no doubt
I am, the one and only Method Man

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Jonas Smithtin : Lawyer Directory

Jonas Smithtin : Lawyer Directory | Jonas Smithtin |
Introduced to urban music by his son, also an attorney, Jonas Smithtin founded Smithtin, Smithtin, and Jones in order to help Hip Hop recording artists secure rights to pre-recorded material. The firm represents such notable artists as Funky C ...
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