Jodi Arias Guilty
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Jodi Arias Guilty
Jodi Arias, Alexander's ex-girlfriend, was arrested on July 15, 2008, and pled not guilty on September 11, 2008.
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Arias claims self-defense but faces a potential death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder in Travis Alexander's 2008 killing. http://jodiariasverdic...
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Arias Verdict

Arias Verdict | Jodi Arias Guilty |

Clinical psychologist Janeen DeMarte testified as being a prosecution rebuttal witness as soon as the defense rested its case earlier now. Throughout about 2 1/2 months of defense witness testimony, Arias' attorneys worked to portray her like a domestic violence victim who killed her one-time boyfriend in self-defense.
Jodi Arias' defense lawyer on Thursday attacked the credibility and findings of a prosecution witness who said the defendant wasn't a battered woman and doesn't are afflicted by post-traumatic stress disorder or amnesia.

DeMarte was called through the prosecution to discredit defense pros who diagnosed Arias with PTSD, amnesia and battered woman's syndrome, that they said explains why Arias can't recall much through the day of the killing. DeMarte said Arias is afflicted with no conditions, however rather had borderline personality disorder.

Arias faces a possible death sentence if found guilty of first-degree murder in Travis Alexander's June 2008 killing at his suburban Phoenix home. Authorities say she planned the attack in a jealous rage. Arias initially denied involvement then blamed it on masked intruders. A couple of years after her arrest, she said hello was self-defense.

Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot inside the head together with his throat slit. Arias' palm print is discovered in blood at the scene, together with nude photos of her along with the victim on the day's the killing.

Arias said she recalls Alexander attacking her in a very fury. She said she ran into his closet to retrieve a gun he continued shelves and fired in self-defense but doesn't have a memory of stabbing him.

She acknowledged looking to clean the scene, dumping the gun in the desert and dealing while on an alibi, even attending a memorial service for Alexander and sending his family flowers before her arrest. Arias said she was too scared to tell the truth then but insists she isn't lying now.

The way it is now has devolved into dueling expert witnesses, using the defense side explaining away Arias' lies following your killing, and the prosecution working to portray Arias showed premeditation and organization, not those things as someone fighting on her life.

Defense lawyer Jennifer Willmott questioned DeMarte's conclusions about Arias after working area of the previous day picking apart the witness's credentials and education.

One of several points Willmott addressed Thursday was DeMarte's contention it was odd, given Arias' gaps in memory from your day's the killing, that this moment she realized she had blood on her behalf hands after driving a long way away through the scene, she believed she had killed Alexander.

DeMarte called that the "illogical" response.

"Given everything that she does remember around that time, it isn't really a massive leap ... to assume that something bad happened when she sees blood on her hands?" Willmott asked.

"As I stated before, that is the huge leap," DeMarte replied.

Willmott also repeatedly reminded jurors from the roughly 12 hours DeMarte spent with Arias before coming over to her conclusions, in comparison to the more than 40 hours the defense witness who said Arias had battered woman's syndrome spent using the defendant.

Jane is looking to portray DeMarte's are incomplete, even though the psychologist criticized the defense expert's extensive time with Arias as extreme, resulting in a biased opinion.

"Oh, you didn't be aware that?" Willmott said several times after asking DeMarte questions about Arias' life which the witness couldn't answer.

DeMarte explained that she had spent time with Arias to come to her conclusions.

Testimony resumes Tuesday as prosecutor Juan Martinez continues calling rebuttal witnesses prior to closing arguments. Deliberations are likely still several weeks away.

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Arias Guilty

Arias Guilty | Jodi Arias Guilty |

At a later date and another day of testimony inside the ongoing saga that's the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona, containing lasted more than 40 days. Arias stands charged with murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008. Arias' attorneys maintain that their client was acting in self-defense after Alexander went in to a rage after Arias dropped his camera. The prosecution, led by Juan Martinez, maintains that Arias decided the attack, which resulted in Alexander being shot in the face and stabbed 29 times.

Arias' attorneys maintains that she was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by Alexander frequently, understanding that these experiences prompted Arias to contract post-traumatic stress disorder.

If found guilty of first degree murder, Arias could receive the executing.

The murder trial of Jodi Arias resumes on Monday in Phoenix, Arizona. Arias stands charged with murdering her lover, Travis Alexander in June 2008. Arias admits to killing Alexander — shooting him in the head and stabbing him 29 times — but claims rrt had been in self-defense after Alexander allegedly attacked her in the rage. The defense is claiming that Arias was regularly put through emotional and physical abuse, including sexual, at the hands of Alexander. Earlier inside trial, jurors heard a recording of Arias and Alexander having phone sex.

If convicted of first degree murder, Arias could obtain execution.

The murder trial of Jodi Arias resumes on Thursday after being canceled for that second in time 7 days. Wednesday's court session was canceled since the defendant Jodi Arias was reportedly struggling with migraines. The other day, a session was canceled from woman vomited inside gallery. The delays are prolonging an already long trial, that's approaching its 40th day.

On Tuesday, Alyce LaViolette testified that this reason Arias, who claims she was physically and emotionally abused by Travis Alexander, didn't deceive in regards to the alleged abuse was because abuse victims are sometimes too embarrassed to step to the fore. Arias is involved in murdering boyfriend Alexander in June 2008, when she shot him in the face, stabbed him more than two dozen times, and slashed his throat. Arias maintains that Alexander attacked her and he or she acted in self-defense. If convicted of first degree murder, Arias could face the executing.

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Arias Trial

Arias Trial | Jodi Arias Guilty |

Jodi Arias will probably be convicted to the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, Miami Defense Attorney Mark Eiglarsh predicts to in the exclusive interview.

As Arias trial moves towards its conclusion, Eiglarsh, who's studied the jurors’ questions from the Phoenix, Arizona, courtroom, says, “I do believe that they will convict her of first degree murder and my prediction is they are going to [offer her] life.

“When you think about the facts themselves, it simply doesn’t pass the smell test. I will’t imagine they are going to excuse that conduct.”

Jodi has faced pointed questions from jurors in their murder trial but Eiglarsh doesn’t necessarily think those undoubtedly are a sign of the way they will vote.  “Absolutely nothing is grayscale concerning this because we don’t know how most of the jurors are submitting questions,” he notes.

“We also don’t know if any of the [actual] jurors are submitting questions–they could be via alternate jurors who have no impact on the trial. We are able to’t assume it can be caused by that numerous different jurors; maybe it's a [just a ]couple writing many, many different questions.”

Though the criminal defense lawyer also says their questions might show they're accepting Arias guilty statements as fact.  “Many of those questions show they are not only skeptical of her story and also of the experts,” Eiglarsh says. “There are, however, some questions that concern me given that they presuppose certain facts as facts.  As an alternative to saying, ‘If this is true, then blah blah,’ people say, ‘So when he was coming when you finally, did you…?’  They must say, ‘You CLAIM he came when you just like a linebacker.’ They presuppose some of her statements as fact  – it could try to be a poorly worded question but may additionally mean believe that her. Those concern me.”

Still, the legal eagle concludes that Jodi is at serious trouble as her court case enters its final days: “Commonsense and after having been inside system for over 2 decades – it doesn’t take a good lawyer to evaluate that whenever you've that lots of stab wounds along with a shot on the head, and gal who are able to remember every detail including what she drank at Starbucks seven years back – however when it's due to the critical details, now she conveniently carries a memory fog.  I do think the girl with guilty and he or she needs to be convicted.

“I wouldn’t be outraged hopefully was your choice of the jury but I wouldn’t be surprised whenever they made life in prison the Arias verdict. It's much harder to kill someone who you've been close and may still want to than kill a stranger,” Eiglarsh says.

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