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JMA | Business activities | Technology of silos production

JMA | Business activities | Technology of silos production | JMA Group |
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Reservoirs, tanks, bio-stations, halls


The firm JMA stavební is the owner of equipment for the manufacture of TBS System reservoirs (Twin Border System). This technology is based on the production of reservoirs (silo, hall or other products) by winding the continuous metal strip along the helix and the sophisticated hooking of the overlapping strip edges. What this system enables is the fabrication of objects with a circular floor projection with properties so unique that they beat other silo or reservoir erection technologies in many respects. The jacket is wound using machinery. A ring beam, which a roof can be attached to in case of need, is bolted to the upper edge. The jacket is connected reliably with a flat or conical bottom over its entire circumference. As a matter of fact the whole delivery shall be carried out in compliance with the applicable standards. The production equipment winds the jacket on site.



The TBS System? That’s what concrete cannot offer tanks.


Thanks to its original wall construction, the Lipp system enables the application of far more favourable wall building (filling, stirring and extracting) technologies and assembly procedures for other elements such as outlets, sockets or ladders. We are able to deliver a filling or emptying technology designed in the same way as other tank manufacturers, only with the advantage of emptying the tank through the bottom outlet which presents the fastest, most reliable and cheapest tank-emptying method.

The inner stainless container needs no maintenance even after years of operation.



100% stainless environment


All containers for liquid or agricultural liquid manure are made of dual material. Internal walls form a 100% stainless maintenance-free environment with a service life of longer than 30 years. The smooth internal surface prevents future deposition of impurities on the walls.  The external wall is always hot-dip galvanized and it can be treated with an arbitrary paint system as required by the customer.

We pay attention to the quality, even in details – each external element is stainless or galvanized at the customer’s discretion.





The reservoir jacket is neither bolted nor welded so no failure may occur to bolted or welded joints.



Low investment costs


- Saving in the building area – it is possible to save the building area as required with greater jacket height and smaller jacket diameter.

- Rate of construction – the process of winding takes from several hours up to a max. several days. There is no need to erect scaffolding to fit the required structural elements and paint the jacket. The machinery is attended by three operators on average. Depending on its size and complexity the complete manufacture and erection of the reservoir thus takes from 5 to 14 working days.

- Great variability of the construction – from 3.5 to 40 m in diameter, the volume is only limited by the structural statics. Thus it is possible to accomplish volumes from 20 up to 6,000 m3.

- No standardised diameters – the system adapts to your needs “within a centimetre”.

- Possibility of roofing – all structures can be roofed with a solid roof, tarpaulin or membrane roof.

- Easy dismantling of the structure

- Long service life and low maintenance costs



The firm JMA stavební, Ltd.


The firm JMA stavební, Ltd. further specialises in the realisation of civil and industrial structures in the role of general supplier or possibly the realisation of partial building processes carried out for a general builder. The firm is ready to carry out any building works from pouring concrete to reinforcing works, formwork, brickwork, erection works, carpentry structures, tiling, paving, plasterboard structures, heat cladding systems and internal as well as external renderings of various levels of complexity proposed in various technologies.



JMA quality


The professional quality of JMA stavební is confirmed by the acquired  ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005, ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008 Certificate.

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Each of us is obliged to contribute to the protection of the environment. That is why the company of JMA stavební welcomes the opportunity to build biogas stations for biomass processing. The positive impacts of biomass processed in biogas stations for the environment are generally known, and the economic benefit resulting from the sale or utilisation of generated electric energy and heat is just as positive. 

The company offers the development of biogas stations with their own building technological concept.


Our biogas stations can be used:


• in agriculture, to process plant and animal biomass


• to process food wastes and similar productions like

- starch factories

- distilleries

- mills

- slaughter-houses

- cooling plants

- canning factories

- sugar refineries

- etc.


Advantages of the JMA biogas stations:


• Simple design with high efficiency and reliability

• Low operating costs

• Favourable price

• Cylindrical vessels with optional capacities for the turn-around points and reactors in maintenance-free types (50 – 6,000 m3)


• The reactor has wall multi-zone heating on the cylinder’s outer side:

- The heating system is not inside the reactor and it is possible to mix the reactor better 

- The mass is heated through the entire wall evenly in a very friendly manner to microorganisms

- The heating distribution system is free from being clogged with deposits needing no cleaning

- Easy repair of the heating in case of failure with no need to empty the reactor

- Easy heat control


• Very good disintegration of the raw material before entering the reactor resulting, as compared to the common BPS’s, in the following:

- Better decomposition of the raw material with a higher gas yield

- Higher technological reliability in pumping and stirring



Other services


• Assistance in provision of finances and furnishing of grants

• Turn-key delivery

• Guarantee and after-guarantee service


For more information see


 Visit here:

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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction - BUSINESS PLANS AND STRATEGIES

JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction - BUSINESS PLANS AND STRATEGIES | JMA Group |
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JMA is a versatile construction company, providing the management and execution of civil and industrial construction. It makes public and private investors’ ideas come true.




Our vision is to be a dependable construction contractor and trustworthy partner to each investor on the Czech construction market. JMA is a company with continually growing production and market value, and is managed at a level compliant with EU standards.




JMA’s principal strategic aim is to achieve the position of an exceptionally prosperous Czech construction company with a continually increasing market value.


The company operates in all lines of construction work throughout the Czech Republic. It focuses its attention on commissions in its home regions, i.e. Vysočina (Highlands) and South Moravia.


We intend to further advance our development business in housing as well as industrial construction. We will also continue to improve the conditions for our work in building management.


Facing tough business competition, JMA will continue to offer a sound price policy and openness to customer requirements, based on fully guaranteed quality, terms and deadlines in our construction work.



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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction – JMA Training Center

JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction – JMA Training Center | JMA Group |
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JMA stavební has started building a training center at the company headquarters in Jihlava, Pávovská 15b Street. There will result the teaching places on the third  floor of the building equipped with the necessary instructional techniques for a perfect implementation. The newly established training center will have a capacity of 72 seats. The computer room will be available for 30 people, in the lecture hall will be capacity for 40 people and a lounge will be used for online vidokonference, remote presentations. The total cost of building are worth CZK 15.3 million. Construction will be completed by the end of 2012.


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JMA | Business activities | Business activities

JMA | Business activities | Business activities | JMA Group |
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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction - BUSINESS ACTIVITIES




This company focuses on non-production activities, especially real estate business, real estate management and maintenance, as well as accounting, tax registry, and accounting consultancy.




Construction division focuses on new construction, reconstruction and conversions of existing civil structures as a general contractor, and occasionally executing component construction processes for major contractors. The character of the civil engineering buildings executed is not limited. We execute housing and civil constructions as well as industrial or agriculture. References on construction division here


Our staff will execute all manner of construction work designed using conventional technologies as well novel and innovative systems. We can execute any kind of construction work, from concreting to bar setting, concrete casing, brick laying, installations, carpenting, floor and wall tiling, plasterboard jobs, heat insulation systems, to inner and outer plaster casting of various degrees of complexity and design technologies.


Complex processing of grants in the Panel and Zelená úsporám programme

JMA stavební company is able to do full service of the Panel and Zelená úsporám grant disposal. JMA stavební company is entered in the List of special suplieres in the Zelená úsporám programme.




Division of silos construction

JMA stavební company uses the technology which is based on the boiler construction (silo, hall or other product) by contiguous metal strap winding along the spiral and clever coupling of an edge overlaped strap. It is possible to build just objects with circular groundplan by this technology. However with unique characteristics which overpower the other technologies. With this product system are made thin-walled cylinder covers by big diameters (3,5 till 40 m).

You can see more about the technology here.

Silos and boilers you can see here.


Biogas stations

JMA stavební company offeres construction of biogas stations with own building-technological conception - more information here.




This specialised company focuses on electrical installations in buildings. The high professional level and experience of its specialised teams allow full concentration on client requirements resulting in the maximum quality of work completed.


Electrical division scope of business

Regular heavy-current distribution networks, PUK-WERKE cable systems, Weidmuller, Ackermann, Betermann in-floor system delivery and installation, JJ International and Canalis branch bar systems, DAHL systems. In addition, telephonic networks, telephone exchange installations, electronic fire protection systems (Cetler, Lites), electronic security systems (Galaxy…), common TV aerial networks, including cable television networks and camera systems, card-operated systems, sound systems, MaR – all in co-operation with world-class dealerships: Siemens, Panasonic, Gold Star, Philips, Johnson Controls, Sony, and others.

References on electrical division here.




Rezidence Boží hora, s.r.o. - development of a block of flats and family houses in Ivančice u Brna. Flats and houses are in sale. More information you can find here.


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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction -COMPANY PROFIL

JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction -COMPANY PROFIL | JMA Group |
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The JMA stavební company was established upon privatisation of the government-owned company Ústředí uměleckých řemesel in 1991. The company name was changed to JMA when the ownership structure was altered. The company was established and incorporated to the Jihomoravská akciová company, a.s. by the ownership structure altering.


The other members of JMA group are:


- JMA elektro, spol. s r.o.

- JMA technology s.r.o.

- JMA engineering s.r.o.

- Rezidence Boží hora, s.r.o.


Information about business activities here.


The JMA stavební company deals with civil and industrial constructions. The JMA elektro company offers complete deliveries of electrical installations. The parent company, Jihomoravská akciová, a.s. deals with the non-production work, real estate, developer´s consultancy,  real estate business, accounting, financial and tax consultancy.


The company has at its disposal adequate material equipment, team of experienced and skilled professionals, high work quality with its professional design level. We offer standard work guarantee 60 months and guarantee of high and quick quality of all buildings.


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