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After six years of measuring and reporting on well-being and health in the U.S., Gallup and Healthways in January 2014 decided to propel the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index to the next level. In short, we’ve given the way we measure well-being a thorough makeover. The updated survey reflects countless hours of research conducted by Gallup and Healthways experts to advance the science of well-being. This research increases the power and scope of the Well-Being Index, which now predicts more key health and business outcomes and provides more actionable insights to leaders and individuals than ever before.

The revamped survey includes 27 brand new questions on everything from perceptions of physical appearance to weekly alcohol consumption; from having an inspiring leader to time spent taking vacations with loved ones. We delve into community pride and financial worry as well.

Via The Learning Factor, Jean-Guy Frenette