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Jennifer Shearin Group Wellness Coach

Jennifer Shearin Group Wellness Coach | Jennifer Shearin |

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Wellness Coach Training (Minnesota)


Field description


Wellness Coaches work together with others within the interdisciplinary team, focusing on helping clients who are well to stay well and helping others not only to recover from illness but to discover their "best selves" with a new emphasis on wellness. The role of the coach is to help the individual identify personal reasons for pursuing greater wellness, and to enhance motivation for behavior change using evidence-based strategies.


Wellness Coaches are experts in establishing relationships and practicing core coaching skills that assist the individual in identifying values and desires, transforming them into action, and maintaining lasting change over time. They partner in dynamic collaboration with individuals, respecting the client as the expert in his/her own life, using a strength-based focus and strong grounding in best practice.


A strength-based focus


Wellness Coaching employs a strength-based approach. "It's not about fixing what is broken, its nurturing what is best within ourselves." (Seligman, 1999). Strength-based approaches are grounded in contributions from counseling psychology, positive psychology, prevention research, social work, solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing.


Using a strength-based approach, the Wellness Coach follows the "5 E's": 1) Engage: Builds a trusting relationship with individuals and groups; 2) Explore: Assists clients in identifying their values and desires; 3) Envision: Facilitates a vision for wellness; 4) Experiment: Employs communication strategies to enhance self-efficacy and to transform values and desires into action; and 5) Evolve: Supports lasting change.


Career opportunities


Many Wellness Coaches work as independent consultants and have a private office. Other Wellness Coaches work within sports or fitness facilities and offer on-site coaching, as well as health-related wellness seminars to members. Opportunities exist for Wellness Coaches to provide care as part of the interdisciplinary team in clinics and hospitals.


Wellness Coaches can set their own schedule and pay rates, choose their clientele, work from nearly any location, and enjoy unlimited creativity and flexibility in their coaching approach.


Earning potential


Salary is dependent upon many factors including level of education, employment setting and experience. According to the 2010 figures from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, average salaries ranged from $23,443 to $61,928. The benefits you receive as a Wellness Coach may include a paid vacation, health insurance and a pension plan.


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Scooped by Ralph Dawson!

Wellness Coaching for Health and Life, Integrated Group Jennifer Shearin

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Ralph Dawson's insight:

Life coaches are becoming very popular nowadays. What parents and teachers used to do exclusively has become the concern and livelihood of people who have the expertise and passion to provide general mentoring in life and all its many aspects, such as health, business, arts and marital counselling. Being a life coach essentially means you teach a person gain skills within a particular field or industry while visualizing how those skills will enhance one’s ability to cope and to compete in life.


Success is the aim of almost every person and enterprise. And without the need to reinvent the wheel, life coaches have collated much of the ancient and modern knowledge in specific fields for those seeking guided education for personal advancement.


Whereas only wealthy individuals and celebrities could afford voice or gym coaches in the past, now, almost anyone can find an online coach or even a personal coach for a reasonable and even at no price at all. Reading through Jennifer Shearin’s website is in itself a practically free but priceless tool for anyone who seriously takes her advices to heart.


Achieving balance in one’s life through having a health coach is the latest innovation in health management. More specifically, having an integrative health coach to provide an individualized health plan provides one with a focused strategy designed to address personal health issues through experienced health experts.


The main objective of having an integrative health coach is in obtaining a program that will help “sustain the mindset needed to make lifestyle and behavior changes for the long haul”. Developing and maintaining the discipline of a healthy and balanced life requires the help of a whole family or group of people, not just an individual. As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child. It certainly requires a whole town to keep each individual become a healthy member of the community. Trying to go organic in a town that does not produce any such products would be tough. Let alone live in a town that does not care about proper sanitation and waste disposal.


Finding a health coach then must take into consideration not merely the qualifications of the coach itself but also with the specific health goals that a person has. Having a qualified health coach, nevertheless, is the first step toward attaining a sustainable personal health program.


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