Dance in the Jazz Age | Jazz Age Dance |

Dance has been around since the beginning of time basically. throughout these years there have been new dances created and dance has evolved. what really changed the way dance is now though were the dances of the jazz age. If we didnt have the influence of the jazz age and all the dances with it, like the turkey trot, we would be in a totally different place right now. Without these new influences we would probably dance how they did in the 40s with the jitterbug. Time would be slowed and the world would also be different. I believe that dance has a lot to play in the rule of the world. When people started dancing in these new ways many people were interested and wanted to see them, and because of the new music people were wondering how to dance to it. the same holds true in todays world, we hear a song on the radio and we start to move to it, but still some people want to know how to do certain types of dances.