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Rescooped by Erica from JavaScript for Line of Business Applications!

AngularJS Modules for Great Justice

AngularJS Modules for Great Justice | JavaScript |

AngularJS modules are the core means by how you define the components in your app. Besides defining your components, modules provide a way to indicate the dependencies your components require and they help you organize your components to help you write modular code that can be re-used across applications.

As long as I have been developing with AngularJS there has always been the great best practices debate over how to structure your application. Do you use a package by feature or package by layer approach?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages so let’s take a quick look at each before we get into how to implement each using AngularJS.

* Package by Feature
* Package by Layer
* Tiny to Very Large Projects
* Use What Works Best for Your App
* Where Do I Put My Unit Tests?
* The Wrap Up

Via Jan Hesse
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