Creating Three Way Data Binding with FireBase and AngularJS | Javascript |
This article explores how FireBase can be used to create a three way data binding, building on Angular's existing two way binding.

As you may know, FireBase acts as a realtime backend for your apps. Well, we all know how awesome this is. But you know what’s more awesome? It’s AngularJS+FireBase. FireBase has an officially released binding calledAngularFire that brings all the fun and joy of FireBase to AngularJS. As AngularJS developers we love data binding so much that we even dream about it! With AngularFire we can create some seriously awesome stuff by taking advantage of a three way data binding as opposed to the traditional two way data binding in AngularJS. This tutorial will give you an overview of three way binding while creating a simple realtime app using AngularFire. This article assumes that the reader is already aware of FireBase and has done some prior development in AngularJS.

Via Jan Hesse