Even in the ancient civilization periods and monarchy era, a street to street informer or announcer was used to convey to general masses on matters of public domain and royal families and events of fun and other importance. Advertising has been travelling down to the centuries in different forms and contents but they remain constant with the society. Modern day finds a lot of public place advertisement materials such as fliers, brochures, banners, paper boards, hangout cloth banners, street banners, wall banners, flex boards, large size cut outs and flags and banners of many kinds and sizes. All are related to each other and different to each other also.

Flags and banners for different sections:
The market and the leading flag manufacturers are having templates in readymade mode and ready mode to develop and fashion any kind of flag. The color, font size and form, display content and quantum everything can be decided by the indent giver. The way desired flags are designed and delivered. The business is competitive. A Chinese flag manufacturing company advertises with a challenge to produce and deliver at one eighth of any other company. Steel and bamboo Pole flags, feather flags, teardrop style flag, wall mount flag, street banner from one end to other side are some of the common and prevalent in the market. Teardrop banners are sold to in a majority cases those who organize events in outdoor and have indoor programs in addition to that in near premises, outdoor sales promotion kiosks, major sports events, major international seminars and conferences are only some of them to mention which have decorations of these flags mounted in the vicinity of the event.

Types of flags and banners commonly designed:
The type of the flags and banners are decided by the nature of the events and the target people who may have to see them and be informed. There are Corporate Companies' flags, (Sports) Club flag, Political party flag, State flag, National flag, Social organization flag (Red Cross Society for example), Plain colored flags as ornamental around the event places. The flags are made in way that they are sturdy but lesser weighing, packed in bags and can be relocated for future events. The dye or color chemicals are of the latest technology and stands to an extent withstanding the different weather conditions outside.

These small mounted pieces of attractive advertisements can be seen in TV channels' events like skiing in a remote and high altitude or with a scientific team camping in South Polar Region, or in the International seminar places in some European cities. They are everywhere and going to be there in the future too. Website: http://www.ckflag.com/