JamGate: Did NJ Gov Ruin Prez Run by Lying?
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Stop Spending Time With Toxic People

Stop Spending Time With Toxic People | JamGate: Did NJ Gov Ruin Prez Run by Lying? | Scoop.it

The people around you rarely have a neutral effect on you -- they either facilitate your accomplishments or undermine them.

Via Matthew Fritz
FTWandUtoo's insight:

Toxic people have a knack for pushing buttons. If not yours, perhaps those of a less centered coworker,  a friend or family member.


I'm a serene soul, so I can handle a negative person this way: I'll let their words simply wash over me. I can take deep cleansing breaths - even leave my earbuds discreetly in and tune out the toxic vibes while tuning into birdsong, affirmations or music. I can also visualize myself with a smooth, "button-free " persona.


But just as positive energy has the power to unite and uplift, the actions, attitudes and demeanor of a Toxic person can lower camaraderie, dampen mood, and destroy morale - if you let it.


Strategies? Keep your creative energy strong. Build it up like a muscle by working on projects and causes you love and believe in. Try to remember to keep principles before personalilies as you go. Visualize your idea's success or completion-see the big picture. Remember as obstacles crop up; this too shall pass. And whenever possible-simply keep toxic people, places and things out of your life. Treat yourself as you would any other beloved friend because you deserve kindess, respect and loving energy.

Matthew Fritz's curator insight, December 28, 2013 1:37 PM
#ToxicCulture kills organizations from the inside out. Find it, see it, eradicate it. If you are in the unfortunate position of seeing it above you, then you have a rare opportunity to "Lead up!" It's not easy--and I don't profess for having a failure-proof recipe for such a situation--but you owe it to yourself and your Team to see a way through to a better side.
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Pants on Fire - Is Lying the New Normal? - Gerald Gillis

Pants on Fire - Is Lying the New Normal? - Gerald Gillis | JamGate: Did NJ Gov Ruin Prez Run by Lying? | Scoop.it
is lying the new normal (Pants on Fire - Is Lying the New Normal? http://t.co/2LRzNqPm1D #ethics #leadership)

Via John Michel
FTWandUtoo's insight:

The TV talking heads are still abuzz in debate, but the disappointing traffic report is in. Many of us who wanted to view NJ Gov Christie as "our" kinda guy and -hell yeah-maybe even a mover and shaker for the 2016 presidential election? Slow that hope to a crawl. Sure, he told us he wasn't a blow-dried, focus-group tested guy. Folks liked this about him. Made them trust him even more. So when the bombastic Garden State guv swore he'd rep "the people," rather than special interests in Washington it was music to voters' ears. Before the abuse of power that was two-day JamGate, Christie was getting raves that hadn't been heard in Jersey since Springsteen. But with one leaked staffer memo regarding a rival's travel schedule  ("Time for some traffic trouble in Fort Lee") Christie has revealed himself to be a bully, a liar, or an obsfucator. Or worse-all three. To me, laying the blame on staffers and deny, deny, denying at a 2-hour presser is a classic blow-dried, focus-group tested move.


It's too bad. I thought Jersey - even America - might have had someting special with Christie at the wheel. Guess I'll tunnel my way back to political apathy again.


John Michel's curator insight, January 10, 2014 12:02 AM

A large part of gaining (and then keeping) the trust of others is formed over time by a leader’s reliable, habitual truthfulness. Good leaders don’t lie. Great leaders rarely even fudge the truth. And as a result, the truly great leaders are far more often also the most ethical.