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iPhone 5 iOS 6 Jailbreak Achieved - Chpwn Jailbreaks iOS 6 Running On iPhone 5


Apple has commercially launched the next generation iPhone 5 yesterday and to make this launch even more exciting, popular jailbreak developer chpwn has confirmed that he was successful in jailbreaking his iPhone 5, yes that's true! The developer has also posted a screenshot from his iPhone 5 showing Cydia icon that appears only after the device is jailbroken. 


Right after sharing the above pic on twitter, followers started doubting his work so Chpwn has uploaded even more pics that not just confirms that its iPhone 5 but also that it is jailbroken. There is no ETA on when the jailbreak will be available for public. Last time after the release of iOS 5, it was Pod2G to work on the jailbreak and released it during the conference where the chronic dev team gave a talk on the process of jailbreak and "Absinthe" jailbreak tool was announced right after the event.


It usually takes another 2-3 months after the initial success of jailbreak as it needs to be checked on various available models and then it needs to be incorporated into a user friendly executable file so that it becomes easy for the users to jailbreak their device. Make sure you follow us to stay updated with the latest news on jailbreak development of iOS6.