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iTunes Radio in Canada Coming Soon

iTunes Radio in Canada Coming Soon | Itune Radio |

Apple introduced its music streaming service called iTunes Radio, its free music streaming service for iOS devices, Macs, PCs and the Apple TV that features over 200 stations and a catalog of music from the iTunes Store.

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Lexx Gernon's insight:

As of now iTunes Radio is only provided in the US but is trying to expand into Canada and other countries. Canada is all for getting their iTunes Radio provided to them. They have no acknowlege to when it will come to them but they are hoping soon. 


Pros: Apple's new iTunes Radio will expand world wide 

Cons: They have no idea when it will expand world wide. 

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Pandora killer? Spotify slayer? iTunes Radio needs more than hype ...

Apple has finally introduced the world to its Pandora-challenging, Spotify-rivaling streaming service, iTunes Radio.

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Lexx Gernon's insight:

In regards to this article, iTunes Radio, Pandora & Spofity are in competion and they also share three of the same holders such as, University, Warner and Sony. A downfall with the iTunes radio is that only iPhone, iPads, & Mac's have access to it. If you are a Android holder you can only use Pandora and Spofity. Meanwhile, iPhone holders do use Pandora and Spofity but not that iTunes Radio has been release the chances of them using those radio stations again are a 50/50 chance. When iTunes Radio release their hits were 200 million while Pandora is at 72.1 million and Spofity is around 55 million. 


Pros: New feature created into the apple world that is a great way to buy songs and advertise them on social medias.


Cons: If you are an Andriod holder you cannot use iTunes Radio on your smartphone. 

LiKang Zhou's curator insight, June 11, 2013 5:31 PM

iTunes Radio havn't public release yet, based on the information we have right now, it will change industry of streaming service

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iTunes 11.1 rolls out iTunes Radio, Podcast Stations

iTunes 11.1 rolls out iTunes Radio, Podcast Stations | Itune Radio |
Apple may have been focusing on its recent iOS 7 release, but the company has still found time to roll out a major update to iTunes with the release of iTunes 11.1.

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Lexx Gernon's insight:

Since September 18th, everyone with an iPhone was able to download the new iOS7 with all new features. One of the main features that is blowigng peoples mind away is the iTunes Radio. Apple created the iTunes Radio to compete with other radio stations such as Pandora, Last.m and Spofity. In Apple's case they believe people will switch to listening to their radio station rather than anyone else since it is brand new. 

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Apple TV 6.0 released with iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Music Store, more

Apple TV 6.0 released with iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Music Store, more | Itune Radio |
Everyone's favorite hockey puck "hobby" has received a huge software update today. Apple TV 6.0, which has been in beta testing since June, brings with it iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud ...

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Lexx Gernon's insight:

iTunes Radio will also be provided on your Apple TV 6.0. Also on the  new Apple TV it brings in the AirPlay which always you to share a video or pictures from your iPhone to be on your Apple TV. Apple is creating new ways to share videos, pictures and also music now. 

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With iTunes Radio, Apple Takes Aim at Pandora

With iTunes Radio, Apple Takes Aim at Pandora | Itune Radio |

A decade ago, Apple transformed the music business with its iTunes store. Now what the music industry expects from Apple is less of a revolution than a helping hand.


Apple’s newest music feature, iTunes Radio, will be released on Sept. 18 as part of its iOS 7 system update, the company announced on Tuesday. The service is a sleek take on Internet radio, and Apple’s ability to place the app on millions of its devices gives it an enormous potential audience from Day 1.


“It’s a huge opportunity on a global basis to accelerate the transition of radio listeners and advertising dollars from terrestrial to digital,” said Stephen Bryan, the executive vice president for digital strategy at the Warner Music Group, which releases music by Green Day, Bruno Mars and hundreds of other acts.


The service is a threat to Pandora Media, which dominates Internet radio. But music and advertising executives say that the magnitude of that threat is unclear, given Apple’s relatively late entry into streaming music and Pandora’s strong market position. Both offer free streams of music tailored to a user’s taste and supported by advertising. In August, Pandora had 72.1 million active users — almost all in the United States — who streamed 1.35 billion hours of music, according to data released by the company.


Lexx Gernon's insight:

In this article I was interested in, because since iTunes Radio is now the "new" radio station a lot of people are using Pandora and other radio station apps are closing out. In other words regarding to that iTunes Radio is becoming the most popular source to use and people are using Pandora less. Stocks for Pandora are rising when they should be going down for more people to be buying the Pandora plan. 


Pro: You are able to buy the song you stream from iTunes Radio as you are listening to it. 


Con: You cannot listen to iTunes Radio in Canada yet because iTunes Radio is only in 119 other countries at the moment. 

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