Udine, the Heart of the Friuli | Italia Mia | Scoop.it

The Friuli is a wonderful, wild part of Italy, where the people speak their own language, a blur of Germanic and Italian with many more ancient words thrown in. You can see it in the roadsigns and here it in the shops.

Friuli is also mostly hilly or mountainous; Udine is clumped around a small hill set in a totally flat plain. The story is that Attila needed a mound from which to spy movement on the plain when he invaded Italy, so he had his soldiers carry earth in their helmets and heap it into a mound of the height he wanted.

Well you can certainly see the plains around from the great viewpoint where its old castle stood and where a forlorn building that once was a proud Renaissance palace, now looking more like an abandoned hospital, sits now. To think, it houses one of the oldest Halls of Parlement in Europe, but it was used as a prison.

The delights of Udine are down the hill, in the old streets around the covered market, the cathedral and the arcaded shopping streets. Here you see the industrious wealth of these somewhat reserved people, their excellent foodstuffs and delectable restaurants.

Udine is well worth a short visit, especially if you are in the region to see places like Gorizia, Aquileia and Treviso.