The Dirty Dozen Spampionship: Who's who in the global spam-sending league? | #CyberSecurity #CyberSécurité #Security #Sécurité #InfoSec #CyberDefence #GDPR #RGPD #DevOps #DevSecOps #SecDevOps |
It's once again time for our quarterly Spampionship charts.

We looked at the sending countries for all our spam in the first three months of 2014, and turned the figures into a League Table - the sort of league you don't want to win!...

That's because cybercrooks don't send their own spam: that would be expensive, and easy to track, and would point the finger of law enforcement right back at them.

Instead, the crooks co-opt innocent third parties - like you and me, or our friends and family - to send spam for them.

The criminals use malware-infected computers as remote control "spam robots," better known as bots or zombies, to churn out unwanted and illegal emails on their behalf.

You end up paying for the bandwidth, carrying the risk, and contributing to your country's standing in the Spampionship.

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