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Organisations across the globe are now adopting software outsourcing as a common business practice. Various functions are outsourced by businesses for growth reasons. More importantly, this is an effective method to stabilise finances and boost the revenues by sub-contracting or seeking resources outside the organisational structure for a value driven IT function. Services such as existing product documentation, system implementation, test automations, server hosting, cloud solutions, API and 3rd party integration and customization of specialized applications such as CAD, ERP or CRM are certain areas that can be outsourced. Some of the latest software outsourcing services offered by reputed organisations are as follows:

1. Cloud computing: On-demand software through cloud computing is supplied by Application-Service-Providers (ASPs). This software delivery model includes software and associated data which are centrally hosted on a cloud network.

2. Application Development: IT Team augmentation is the area that requires outsourcing to software outsourcing service providers; this includes system and API development, test automation, integration and stress testing. Code reviews and optimizations also fall in this segment for hassle free operability of a given application.

3. Research & Development: Many outsourcing companies keep a key team of technocrats intact for exploring new technologies, trends and best=practices for web and mobile development. Outsourcing firms are also doing breakthrough research in domain of business intelligence,  big data analytics and semantic study.

4. Other services:


a- Software outsourcing also involves services like technical feasibility analysis, technical architectural design, server monitoring, technical evangelism and product definition. All these are offered in an agile software development environment that flexes to include client requirements from time to time.

b- Software outsourcing companies offer a hoard of advanced solutions such migration of web onto mobile, making the application mobile friendly, responsive UI design, facebook app development nd moreover enhancing all solutions from point of view of performance, security and scalability.


c- Service providers also have a server monitoring and technical support team that offers round the clock server uptime and support.

Before entering into a contract with an IT outsource partner, there should be a few expectations that you must set in advance. Also take care of following to judge, shortlist the best vendor with the best deal.

1- Reputed software outsourcing service providers have a long drawn experience in IT field. That is the reason why the portfolio of such companies includes thousands of global projects across verticals.


2- Depending on the client’s requirements, the development teams within the company are resized. This is to ensure that the client is billed appropriately and is delivered appropriate solutions.


3- Software outsourcing companies need to have an open contact system where the communication channels remain open at all times. This will help the client to stay in sync with each and every stage of project development and can be accordingly controlled.


4- Clients must be provided with unique approaches and strategic business advices every single time. This would help to increase ROI so that maximum benefit is attained from the software outsourcing service.

5- Presently clients in outsourcing hemisphere prefer to work with small outsourcing teams for their fast processing, lack of hierarchy, flexible delivery schedules and most importantly absence of bureaucracy.

All in all, one must expect a software outsourcing company to deliver a full range of development solutions; such a service provider must be a one stop shop for all technology needs of the client so that the time and peripheral or "non-core" business expenses of the project development get reduced considerably. At the end of the contractual agreement, the delivered results must be of high quality and bug free.