Introducing “Mozilla Webmaker:” helping the world make the web | Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too |

"Today, we’re proud to launch “Mozilla Webmaker,” a new program to help people everywhere make, learn and play using the open building blocks of the web.

The goal: help millions of people move from using the web to making the web.

Concretely, Mozilla Webmaker will offer:

1) Tools. Authoring tools and software, designed and built with our community. From supercharging web video with Popcorn, to remixing with Hackasaurus, to making your own web pages with Thimble..."

We often speak about having our students be creators on material for the web (as opposed to movers of material that is already on the web). This new program from Mozilla will provide tools, projects and a community that will help us help ourselves and our students become creators on the web.

Via Beth Dichter