Self-Sustaining “Farmscrapers” are Cities in Stackable Steel Rocks | Occupy Your Voice! Mulit-Media News and Net Neutrality Too |

Smart cities, if they are ever to emerge, will likely center around redesign of urban buildings and infrastructure that will make them “self sustaining” and reduce carbon emissions and other “negative externalities.”

The Chinese city of Shenzen, a candidate for green transformation if there ever was one, and Asian Cairns will be a group of six “space age” looking buildings that will produce food for residents. The project will cover 79 acres (320,000 sq. m) with green vegetation incorporated into the structures of the building. Dubbed “farmscrapers” instead of “skyscrapers” the buildings will include housing, office space, shops and recreational areas.

Photovoltaic and photo thermal solar cells as well as wind turbines will be incorporated into the structure of the building to provide more energy than is consumed by residents. Callebaut designed the building so that no fossil fuels will be necessary, completely eliminating CO2 emissions.

Via Lauren Moss, Ishtarmuz