Which one do you recommend: Sqoop vs Lingual | IT Challenges | Scoop.it

I'm facing a scenario that I could use some experience-based advice on. My client is a large bank that needs to import some risk transaction data into Hadoop. We're currently looking at Sqoop and Lingual (Cascading) and trying to make a decision.

 Sqoop or Lingual capabilities aside, the inhouse developers seem to be very comfortable Java SQL because of having worked a lot on BI, and somewhat less so with Java. That gives me a bit of a starting bias in favour of Lingual, but my concern there is that the extra layer of interpretation going into providing a fuller SQL interface may impact performance negatively. The import needs to be done on a fairly frequent basis, and the data volumes to be migrated are in the order of about 15 TB each time. The data is all alphanumeric, with no images or files. 

We'll probably have to run prototypes sooner or later to find out, but I was interested in hearing from anyone who has already run into a similar situation.