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Learning AngularJS

Learning AngularJS | IT |

A bunch of links to blog posts, articles, videos, etc for learning AngularJS. This list is in its early stages. Feel free to submit a pull request if you have some links/resources to add. Also, I try to verify that the articles below have some real content (i.e. aren't 2 paragraph blog posts with little information) to ensure I'm not listing "fluff" pieces. If you have an idea for a better way to organize these links, please let me know. As I find similar posts in the "General Topics" section, I will break them out into their own categories.

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JavaScript Programmer's Reference - Free eBook Share

JavaScript Programmer's Reference - Free eBook Share | IT |
eBook Free Download: JavaScript Programmer's Reference | PDF, EPUB | ISBN: 1430246294 | 2013-06-05 | English | PutLocker

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JavaScript Programmer’s Reference is an invaluable resource that won’t stray far from your desktop (or your tablet!). It contains detailed information on every JavaScript object and command, and combines that reference with practical examples showcasing how you can use those commands in the real world. Whether you’re just checking the syntax of a method or you’re starting out on the road to JavaScript mastery, theJavaScript Programmer’s Reference will be an essential aid.

With a detailed and informative tutorial section giving you the ins and outs of programming with JavaScript and the DOM followed by a command-by-command reference, your next project will pop with interactivity and keep your audience coming back for more. JavaScript Programmer’s Reference is your one-stop source for everything you’ll need to know to become a cutting edge web developer using the latest tools and techniques available today.

  • In depth explanations and activities to explain not just the command in question, but why it is used in that way
  • Progressive learning curve to not overwhelm and confuse you
  • Handy and extremely informative quick-reference of every command within the JavaScript & DOM specifications
What you’ll learn
  • Create web pages of any length or complexity.
  • Access browser controls to further your page’s functionality.
  • Design and program custom features into a web page, such as recording and acting on user preferences.
  • Offer prospective employers an advanced skill set that is in high demand.
  • Converse intelligently with other developers using universally agreed-upon terminology.
  • Discover your full potential and realize that you now know enough to explore other, more powerful web development languages.
Who this book is for

Web developers of any skill level will find this book to be invaluable. The tutorials clearly explain the use of the two languages for the new user as well as providing a quick reference for the experienced developer to use when a command’s use or syntax is in question.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. JavaScript Basics
Chapter 2. JavaScript Nuts and Bolts
Chapter 3. The DOM
Chapter 4. JavaScript in Action
Chapter 5. JavaScript Global Objects Reference
Chapter 6. JavaScript Control Statements Reference
Chapter 7. JavaScript Operators Reference
Chapter 8. The DOM Reference

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AngularJS Party

AngularJS Party | IT |

This Thursday at 7pm Pacific we are hosting a Twitter party to celebrate the release of Bleeding Edge Press' AngularJS book. Panelist, author, and Angular-UI contributor Christopher Hiller will be answering questions. We will also be giving away free books. 


Date & Time: Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 7-8pm Pacific 


Hosted by: @troymott 


Panelist: @misterhiller


Sponsored by: @edgepress


Hashtag: #angularjsbook


If you've never joined a Twitter party, it's simple. Follow the above hashtag. For every tweet that you want viewed by the other people participating in the party, just use the #angularjsbook hashtag somewhere in your 140 characters. That's basically it! Throughout the party, we will randomly choose party participants to receive complimentary books of their choice from our catalog at


We hope you are able to join us this Thursday on Twitter!

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