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Change Management Consultants & Business Organizations

Change Management Consultants & Business Organizations | IT Business Management and Consulting |
Change Management consulting and compliance portals, helps the organizations to improve their performance, policies and procedures for project management, and analysis of existing problems of the o...
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Manage IT – Process governance framework and compliance management consultants

IT business consulting firm plays a very important role in proper development and functioning of a company or organization

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Manage IT provides the customers best consulting services and products to meet their business needs. Its offices are based in India, US and UK. It serves with the motto to provide best quality services to the clients. The main services offered by Manage IT are:


~ Process Module – Process Module includes different management tasks such as manage operations, manage projects, manage security and so on. Management is a necessity in every business operations. Managing IT security is a concern. IT security also referred as computer security is needed to make your company secure from cyber attacks. The confidential data should be kept save from any unauthorized access and there is no breach of the internal systems and data.


~ Compliance Services – Compliance Services are worth necessary for the smooth running of the business. It provides the details of activities needed for an efficient IT process. It also tells about the testing strategy and gives the plan for the failed processes that needs improvement. The major benefits of Compliance Services are as: It provides the strengths and weaknesses of an IT process and it gives the risk assessment details.


~ Compliance Portal – A featured Compliance Portal service is given by Manage IT. The Compliance Portal service is used in large organizations for getting a corporate level view. It warns you if there are any chances of breaching security so that you can take necessary actions to save your confidential details and data. Its major advantage is that it improves your knowledge and your ability to taking ability.


Manage IT includes a team of highly qualified, talented, skilled and experienced professionals who are working in India and abroad. It serves the top level clients including Pepsico International, Capgemini to name a few and many more.


Reference URL:-


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Benefits of IT Process Modules for effective business management and support

Benefits of IT Process Modules for effective business management and support | IT Business Management and Consulting |

Any of the business organization succeeds in its field if it’s all work procedure running smoothly with any outside interruption

Charles John's insight:

 Doing that begins by identifying the nature of the incident which means answering questions like: is it a one off occurrence has it happened before was it resolved was it a permanent resolutions? And a host of others. Each answer will inevitably raise more questions until hopefully the incident is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.Sometimes resolving an incident may require changing some aspect fundamental to the business itself , sometimes the solution may be hiding in plain sight , unseen only because the solution and the knowledge it offered was not documented in a proper manner.


It is like a tangled ball of yarn with every strand looking like the one to tug and unravel the mess. Indiscriminate pulling however will merely add to the confusion.Keeping track of the myriad stands and following each to its proper conclusion is what the Manage Support module helps business accomplish seamlessly and effectively. One immediate benefit of quick resolution of queries & issues is the volume of the knowledge generated. The effective management of this knowledge promises exponential returns in productivity, user satisfaction and ultimately, brand equity.

The Manage Support module comprises of processes to handle key IT risks: Incident and problem.

The processes involved: Incident Management: Manage IT’s incident management ensures that normal IT services is restored as quickly as possible and to minimize the adverse impact of incidents on business operations.


Key activities of the process:
• Creation of ticket for incidents
• Assignment of incident tickets
• Complaint handling
• Assessment of incident tickets
• Escalation of incident tickets
• Closure of incident tickets



Project management capabilities are strong indication of an organization’s maturity. Scope, schedule, budget and communication all factor into the project success. Proactively addressing these factors ensures that IT solutions deliver the desired business value.

Through the Manage Projects module Manage IT provides a streamlined route to the successful achievement of any project via four fundamental steps: Plan, Prepare, proceed and pursue. Manage Projects is designed to provide organizations with a step by step guide to oversee projects through their lifecycles. A lifecycle that in fact begins before the project itself can come into existence


Knowledge Management:-


Manage IT’s knowledge management provides reasonable assurance that the data or any type of knowledge related to the organization is appropriately cataloged, published and shared with the users for reference purpose.


• Receive knowledge
• Identify , analyze, categorized and validate received knowledge
• Catalog & publish knowledge
• FAQ database for users requesting knowledge


For complete information visit at

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IT compliance management and risk portal

Compliance Portal and services by Manage IT is a tool which is designed to offer a dashboard gives a whole layout of a company for checking out what activities are going to be happening there

Charles John's insight:

Process Modules In the absence of standard processes, organizations undergo tremendous overhead every time they face a problem. This may lead to a lot of rework and wasted efforts. Keeping this and other problems in mind, Manage IT has formed 11 standard, ready-to-use processes which can be implemented by organizations. These 11 processes are compliant to industry good practices like COBIT, ITIL, PMI and outline an entire framework of IT related processes that take care of all the needs of an organization’s IT lifecycle. This approach presents a formal procedure for organizations which help in problem solving and implementing the solution. IT also enhances every aspect of the internal management like project management, operations, security, governance etc.

Result: Organizations are sure to have more happy customers and employees and can focus on their core activites.


Compliance Services Many organization look at compliance initiatives only to meet mandatory or regulatory requirements. A much ignored aspect of an assessment is also to seek out improvement measures so that problems that may arise in the future can be curbed and the associated risks reduced.

Each and every process in an organization is very critical for successful growth and functioning. However, if any of these processes faces an issue it impacts the overall efficiency of IT operations. This is where Manage IT compliance services can assist organizations so that they don’t have to wait till something goes wrong.


Manage IT’s Compliance Services can help organizations identify processes that may have gaps and also provides solutions in making existing processes more efficient. Manage IT Compliance services also help to track remediation measures to be implemented thus ensuring that issues / process improvement measures agreed upon also get implemented.


Compliance Portal How does it feel when you have no idea of what’s happening in your house. It gives you a left out feeling and makes it difficult to resolve various types of problems that arise in day to day life. One will have a similar feeing for one’s organization if one does not have any idea of what is happening in it. To avoid getting into such situation a one stop solution is Manage IT’s Compliance Portal. Compliance portal is a tool which provides easy to read and use Dashboard giving complete picture of the Organization as a whole. This helps employees working across various departments, branches and location have a holistic view of what is happening in the Organization which includes the issues faced, how they were resolved, progress made etc. Goes without saying., this saves a lot of time, money and resources for compliance initiatives.


Manage IT Compliance Portal SharePoint based platform makes information sharing and data integration quite easy as it does not require any special skills. Various types of data can be shared across the portal which can be easily accessed by others for their reference. For reference check out at

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