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More emotional intelligence, is what our world strongly need. This excellent post say all what you need to know about this subject. [note Martin Gysler]


Employees today are much more aware of whether or not they are a good fit in their workplace culture and they want their leaders to be more mindful of their needs. In general, employees have become more sensitive about how to best co-exist in a workplace environment that allows them to be who they naturally are.


Employees are tired of playing games and just want to be themselves. As such, they are managing their careers and looking to advance by searching for jobs that truly fuel their passion, fulfill their desires, and ignite their real talent. For most, today’s economic landscape has made the career management journey extra challenging. And beyond career advancement opportunities, people want their supervisors and leaders to be more in touch with who they are as people (not just as their colleagues) to assure that their career track is in proper alignment with and supports their personal and professional goals.


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