iPhone Application Development
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iPhone Application Development
Building your iphone application on our extensive work with Mac-exclusive technologies like Cocoa and Interface Builder as well as Android and Blackberry platforms, Grey Hound Apps quickly became a global leader in the world of multi-touch, accelerometers, and mobile application design & development.

Grey hound apps employs the most brilliant & experts, tech-obsessed mobile developers and engineers in the field. The programmers at our development studio have the expertise you seek in practically any platform or framework you can imagine. With over 1000 dedicated project partners, designers, and creative engineers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help meet both your internal goals and promises to the marketplace.

Our first in-house iPhone apps were instant hits, earning glowing reviews from users and the tech media, and our current line up continues to place among the top spots in App Store rankings around the world. Apps like Night Stand – downloaded close to one million times – demonstrate our technical proficiencies and pixel-perfect interface design.

More information visit us http://www.greyhoundapps.co.in
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