10 Excellent iPad Apps For School | iPad, Tablet, Chromebook, Surface, Raspberry PI & Smartboard op de Basisschool | Scoop.it

"We are seeing more and more iPads in schools. They offer all kinds of possibilities for new ways to teach students. Because they are so portable, it is much easier for students to bring them anywhere they go, and bring the learning with them.


The iPad is even useful for young students because of its intuitive, easy to understand user interface. Almost anyone can pick one up and know exactly how to use it.
Of course, the device on its own is not much of an education tool. You need iPad apps for education. Sure, you can use Maps to learn a little geography and Notes to jot down some thoughts, but you really need to download some of the amazing third-party apps out there to make the most out of your iPad. Today, I am here to show you some of the very best iPad apps for students. With these apps, students will become mobile learning machines, ready to soak up knowledge anywhere they go..."

Via Mariëlle van Rijn, Tessa van Zadelhoff