"iModeling app is a Video Modeling application designed to teach skills to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities. Video Modeling uses video to teach new skills. It can be used to teach people of any skill level.


Video modeling is an evidence-based intervention which uses video to teach skills to children with autism and other disabilities. It can be used to teach skills to people of any developmental level.


iModeling™ app puts video modeling technology in the palm of your hand – you can plan, film and edit video footage for your child on one device. An inbuilt tutorial explains the basics of video modeling therapy.


And most important of all, the technique has been researched over three years by Autism SA, an organization with almost fifty years experience delivering services and therapy to people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, the iModeling and iModeling Boundaries apps created in conjunction with Autism SA are now on sale!"

Via Kathleen McClaskey