Open Data: a platform to improve city infrastructure + public services | investment and economic development |
Many cities are adopting data analytics to improve public services.

Cities are learning that data collected can be used to shorten transit times, assist in the replacement of failing infrastructure, and even make parking easier. In this always-developing technology of data analytics, many cities have already witnessed improvements. At a time when infrastructure funding at the federal level has been cut, U.S. cities are embracing technologies that lower costs while improving services. Global cities are also benefiting from the cost-savings of data analytics.

Some are claiming that data analysis technologies are creating cities as a platform. Paul M. Davis of Shareable writes that “…cities are embracing the concept of the “city as a platform,” a hyper-connected urban environment that harnesses the network effects, openness, and agility of the real-time web.” I agree that as cities adopt network technologies, they will become platforms themselves. And as platforms, cities can leverage data to implement necessary changes and act as a source for businesses and stakeholders through open data networks.

We are already seeing cities that have adopted data analytics open the data to tech firms and developers. This offers a new avenue for further improvement. Moreover, open data increases transparency...

Via Lauren Moss