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Dan Gershenson wrote this piece for Personal Branding Blog. Good criteria for building a real fan base by focusing on quality over quantity and much more.




These are the people who matter most to me. And I suggest to you that for your own personal brand’s sake, this is the kind of group that should be high on the priority list for you. They represent a Core Group of influencers who understand your value and will act upon what you say more than a “Like” or a Follow.


You should hold your own Core Group to this standard in the social realm because a well-developed group will raise your credibility and influence. They will give you a deeper relationship that has meaning and mutual satisfaction. We often get so caught up in trying to get more Fans, more Followers and more Connections that we forget about developing a short list of people based on Quality.


But what does this quality look like? I know sometimes you hear things like, “Identify the influencers and connect with them.” Sure. But what’s a good Influencer? If you are going to stand out and develop your personal brand in a social network setting, you have to put your Circle, Follower list, Fans, etc. through this 5-Factor Filter:



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