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Posted by Tom Foremski from his Silicon Valley Watcher


Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"


Sounds great!




Silicon Valley Watch is designed to give readers a quick look at what they need to know that day.


**Readers from outside the area will get to see what Silicon Valley is doing, thinking about, and what's going on in their local communities.


**It's Silicon Valley in content and context -- the way curation should be.


**Like Drudge, our headlines are our own, we don't take anything from the hard working reporters and editors of other news sites.


**Our goal is to drive traffic to the best news stories out there.


So please make Silicon Valley Watch part of your daily routine. We have a morning edition and we will add a late afternoon edition. We'll be adding features and gradually changing the design over time.


And we look forward to your suggestions and feedback about Silicon Valley Watch- the best news stories about the most innovative region in the world.

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