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Great post, reminding us what's important when you're curating content. This is what caught my attention:

Add a scoop of chocolate to plain vanilla

And all of a sudden you have a delicious sundae. Take the content that worked in social networks as plain vanilla and mesh it with other flavors (I'm partial to chocolate) to make it more actionable and relevant for visitors of your website, for example.

Or as a jump off point in a newsletter your customers (and/or employees, partners, etc.) subscribe to because it helps them do their jobs better.

Relevance is a must for your content to work. I use the chart as a map to orient organizations; a tool that serves as a starting point. If you want people to do something, the way you ask them, how you get them there, needs to make sense for them.

Making sense of things is often based upon goals -- what people are trying to do -- context -- where they are at this time -- and situational awareness -- how they process information.

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