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Internet Tools

Internet Tools | Internet tools |



Internet tools is a widely used software application that helps us find our way around the internet and to communicate online.


There are many types of internet tools. But only THREE types will be discussed: Internet Telephony, Mailing List and Message Board.



                                               ~~ INTERNET TELEPHONY~~


Internet telephony can be defined as the science and technology of integrating telephone services into a computer network. 


However webopedia defines internet telephony as a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. Additonally internet telephony software provides free telephones calls anywhere in the world


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Pros and Cons of Internet Tools are:


* They can be used to send emails and receive electronic messages such as letter writting.

* They help to obtain or examine any kind of information on the topic.

* You are able to meet new people and friends and stay in touch with old friends by online chatting.

* They allow you to download software, videos, music movies games and any other kind of entertainment which is relatively free



* Personal information such as your name and address can be access by other people.

*  Programmes are attact by virus on the internet systems which can crash personal information.


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What is mailing list?

What is mailing list? | Internet tools |

                                                    ~~MAILING LIST~~


A mailing list is a list of people who subscribe to a periodic mailing distribution on a particular topic. On the Internet, mailing lists include each person's e-mail address rather than a postal address. Mailing lists have become a popular way for Internet users to keep up with topics they're interested in. Many software producers and other vendors are now using them as a way to keep in touch with customers.


The Purpose of a Mailing List


The purpose of mailing lists is to spark discussion among its members. Every message sent to the list is distributed to all the subscribers. It's a bit like a bulletin board, with the added bonus of getting the messages on the board delivered to your email address without having to check the board continuously.Replies to individual messages on the list are sent to the list as well and distributed to all the members just like the initial post. Thus, many people can discuss in an orderly, fast and convenient way.



 How mailing lists work


The idea of these programs is very simple. The program has an email address, usually with the term listserv or majordomo in the name. (Listserv and Majordomo are the two main types of programs used to do mailing lists). A person who wants to join the list could send a command to the majordomo program through his email client asking to sign on. All members of the list is given another email address for the actual list, which is also controlled by the majordomo program. When a member sent a message to the list, the controlling program would automatically send it to each member of the list.




- It is fast and cheap.

- It offers detailed statistics.

- By communicating through mailing list, businessses can have a new relationship with customers.

- To inform persons about news events.




-  Mailing lists can get out of hand quickly. If you belong to a very active list, or to many lists, you could easily pile up several hundred messages in a day. This becomes a lot of information to sift through.

-  Mailing lists are very easy to create, but they are also easy to destroy.  That really cool mailing list you saw last week may not exist this week. There is absolutely no central control of mailing lists, so they come and go with amazing frequency.

-  It is impossible to know which mailing lists are available. There is no organizational scheme or structure to them. It can be difficult finding exactly the list you want.




Karyah Flanders's insight:

This video shows you how the create a mailing list in excel

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How does it works? | Advantages & disadvantages of internet telephony

How does it works? | Advantages & disadvantages of internet telephony | Internet tools |




 Internet Telephony works through the use of packet-switch networks. The circuits switched networks are attached beyond a framework known as the Public Switched Telephone Network.Within this framework, calls are switched to open circuits to complete a phone connection. Users

can communicate through PC-to-FAX or PC-to-PC on the internet.


Internet telephony services enable the user to make real-time or close to real-time voice calls to telephones using an Internet connection and, typically, some type of software. In essence, the analogue voice signal undergoes conversion into a digital signal. The software transmits the digital signal and converts it back to an analogue signal at the destination. This technology creates both advantages and disadvantages.





-          It offers large cost savings over long distance and international telephone services.

-          It allows persons to make real-time voice calls to telephone using an internet connection.

-          It works anywhere. Where the user can find available access to it.

-          It also provide a conference calling feature.




-          Internet telephony suffers problems like calls that are dropped.

-          Emergency calls cannot trace Internet telephony since the calls do not arise at a

substantial location.

-          If the power goes out, the internet phone connection is not available. It needs electricity.

-          The sound quality can drop. You will not be able to hear the person properly. 



- Telephone

- A webcam

- Microphone



Karyah Flanders's insight:

A short video giving a brief overview about internet telephony

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What is a Message Board or forum?

What is a Message Board or forum? | Internet tools |

                            ~~MESSSAGE BOARD/ FORUM~~


Basic Structure of a Forum


A forum consists of 4 components: the forum itself, its categories, the topics and the messages.  Each component, or level of hierarchy, is illustrated in the diagram above


A message board  or forum is an online discussion site that enables people to hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chats in that messages are temporarily archived. Some messages may also need to be approved by a moderator before appearing on the board.A message board is different from a chat room in that its entries are archived. The archive becomes a key component of discussions, with many posters internally linking to and footnoting archived entries.




 ~  Elimination of random increases in demand for information that has to be presented over and over again.

~  Faster response to demand for information.

~  A smooth system for simple searching and archiving of information.

~  Systematic and orderly collection and publication of information, with the option of defining very precisely control of access to the information.

~ Significant overall reduction in the workload of mail servers.




- Its difficult to prove genuinity on the internet.




Karyah Flanders's insight:

This is a youtude link of a 10mintues video of how to create a message board/forum

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