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Internet Tools

Internet Tools | Internet tools |

Internet tools are used basically to make the internet use much easier . There are many tools for communication on the internet.  Since the Internet was created to allow people to communicate , the needs to have programs that allow human interaction on many levels. There are many tools that can be used. However search engines , File transfer Protocol (FTP) and Internet relay Chat (IRC) will be discussed.

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) | Internet tools |

File Tranfer protocol also known as FTP can be defined as a method of transferring files via the Internet from one computer to another. FTP is commonly used to transfer Web page files from their creator to the computer that acts as their server for everyone on the Internet. It's also commonly used to download programs and other files to your computer from other servers.


Transferring files from a client computer to a server computer is called "uploading" and transferring from a server to a client is "downloading".


 How does it work?? 

FTP requires two computers, one running an FTP server, the other running an FTP client. The exchange is initiated by the client which logs in under an accepted user name and password. Once this occurs, a session is opened and stays open until closed by either the client or the server, or until it times out. While the session is open, the client may execute numerous FTP commands on the server. These include commands to change directories, list files, get files and put files.


The link provided explains how FTP works in more detail


Advantages of FTp are 


1.) Time Consuming : FTP is the fast and efficient way of transferring bulks of data across the internet. This saves time from transfering data one at a time which is very time consuming.


2.) Automatic Backup : Whenever you edit your files in your local system you can update the same by copying it to the host system in your site. So in cases where your site has crashed and all the data is lost you have a copy of it in your own local system. It also works the other way round.


3.) Control : FTP gives you control over transfer. That is, you can choose the mode in which the data is transferred over the network. The data can be transferred either in the ASCII mode (for text files) or in the Binary mode(for executable or compressed files).


Disadvantages of FTP are


1.) Unsecure:  FTP was not designed to be a secure protocol.

Encryption of data is not done in FTP.Username, password and files are sent in a clear text. This This could make your user account vulnerable to an unauthorized person.


2.) Transfer Attacks :Ftp causes many attacks during the transfer of data such as ; spoof attacks :Servers can be spoofed to send data to a random port on an unintended computer. Other attacks include 

Bounce Attacks, Brute Force Attacks,Packet Sniffing.


 3.) FireWalls: Firewalls have become a common place appliance. Unfortunately while these firewalls can prevent unauthorized users from getting onto the network they can also inadvertently prevent legitimate users from accessing company resources



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Examples Of File Tansfer Protocol

Examples Of File Tansfer Protocol | Internet tools |

The following list is by no means inclusive, but it is a good starting point when investigating which FTP client to use:

1. Core FTP

2. CuteFTP

3. Cyberduck

4. FileZilla 


6.Free FTP

7. Simpleftp 

8. SmartFTP


This link contain examples of FTP

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Examples Of Search Engines

Examples Of Search Engines | Internet tools |

Examples of search engine are Google, yahoo and Bing.  These are the three most popular search engines there are other search engines such as ask, amazon and msn.

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Search Engines

Search Engines | Internet tools |

A search engine can be defined as as a special site on the web that is designed to help find information stored on other sites by searching the internet websites for specified keywords from all over the internet and returns a list of the websites where the keywords were found on the World Wide Web.Some search engines allow inclusion of Boolean operators such as 'And,' 'Or,' 'Not,' that makes a search specific and faster.
 Examples of search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo, Ask, Amazon , msn however google , bing and yahoo are the most popular search engines.




There are differences in the ways various search engines work, however they all perform the same basic task. 

1. The searcher typesa query into a search engine with certain keywords or phrases.

2. The search engine software quickly sorts through literally millions of pages on the web to find matching words to the searcher's query.

3. The search engine's results are ranked in order of relevancy.


There are different types of serach engines ;those that are powered by robots (called crawlers; ants or spiders) and those that are powered by human submissions; and those that are a hybrid of the two but they all operate the same way.



Advantages of Search engines.


There are many advantages of search engines . These include;


An Internet search can generate a variety of sources for information. Results from online encyclopedias, news stories, university studies, discussion boards, and even personal blogs can come up in a basic Internet search. This variety allows anyone searching for information to choose the types of sources they would like to use, or to use a variety of sources to gain a greater understanding of a subject and also repeption of information from different sources can also increase the accuracy of the information.



Search engines do have the ability to provide refined or more precise results. Putting quotations marks around a set of words will bring up results with the exact same words, excluding others. Being able to search more precisely allows you to cut down on the amount of information generated by your search. It also precisely describe the information in which one seeks.



Search engines help to organize the Internet and individual websites. Search engines aid in organizing the vast amount of information that can sometimes be scattered in various places on the same web page into an organized list that can be used more easily.

Disadvantages of Search engines.


 The search engines can find some of the most obscure information and include it in the index. Although there are many advantages of using search engines it also has its disadvantages such as ;



Many well thought-out search phrases and keywords produce list after list of irrelevant webpages that does not pertain to the intended search.



Users may have to take their time and exactly look for what they are searching for in a list of websites , some of these websites may also be irrelevant.



Search engines does involve a learning curve. Many beginning internet users may not know how to improve their searches and may become discouraged and frustrated. Also the internet has many scams and many people maybe targeting by this scamers and  information such as social security numbers, financial information or geographic locations can be indexed even if it's posted to a personal website or hacked by scammers.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

''IRC is an application layer protocol used by the Internet for creating thousands of chat channels and used by millions of users.'' This video gives a brief summary on IRC.


IRC is a short abbreviation  for Internet Relay Chat and is a popular chat service (still in use today) that enables users to connect to an IRC server using a software program or web service to communicate with each other live. It is basically an online medium  for online chatting and file transfer.

         IRC makes it possible for people using the Internet to converse with each other in real time by typing messages back and forth. In order to talk to someone through IRC, you need to connect to the same IRC server. When a user and others connect to the server, you can join a channel (a.k.a. chat room), and talk with the other people who have joined that channel.




Basically, in order to join a group chat , one must first have an irc client such as  ChatIRC and XChat and internet acess.. The IRC client is a program that runs on the computer and sends and receives messages to and from an IRC server. The IRC server, in turn, is responsible for making sure that all messages are broadcast to everyone participating in a discussion by connect over the internet to central IRC servers that distribute the messages around the network.


There are many advantages of IRC. These include;


Meeting New people , Making new friends - this is the best part internet relay chat. Metting people from all over the world and making lots of online friends. Enables one to learn about different people via the internet who lives in different countries.


Share Knowlege: Chatting can mean sharing ideas and information with other people, known or unknown. If you do not know the answer to a specific question , you can open a group chat among online friends and discuss it with them. This makes knowledge sharing alot simply and easily accessible.  


Improvement of typing speed: Chatting frequently with friends online could improve your typing speed. This would improve one's basic computer typing skills.


Internet Relay Chat also has some drawbacks. These include ;


Cyber Bullying : Cyberbullying is when one or more people pick on another person usually by calling them names , threatening or blackmailing them. This can lead to depression and also suicide.


Chat shortcuts used to often:  In group chats , words and phrases are abbreviated , they are used so often that it becomes a habit. Habits are often hard to break this would lead to improper grammer.


Anonymity:  A 15 year old girl could think she is talking to someone her age when it's actually a 45 year old man. Never trust a chat friend unless you met him in real because he could have access to your personal information and commit identity theft or  hack your computer


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Examples of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Examples of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) | Internet tools |

There are a number of popular messaging programs available today that can either by installed with a browser upgrade on independently. Two popular programs of this nature are MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Recently Google has launched Google Talk.

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