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Creating your own website is challenging. There is too much information, and a lot of it changes rapidly. Tools, articles, information for feeling more comfortable with your own website. @MarcKneepkens
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The Complete Guide to Using Quora for Marketing

The Complete Guide to Using Quora for Marketing | Internet Presence |

Using Quora for marketing may seem overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the platform, but this free resource can be a powerful advertising tool for you and your company. In this article I’ll explain how to use Quora for promoting your business and finding new customers.

Driving traffic to a website is one of the biggest challenges for a content marketer. Regardless of the industry or niche, there are surely dozens or hundreds of similar websites out there and most of them probably have a blog as well. So if you want to steal your competition’s traffic and turn them into your customers, you need to prove to them that you’re the expert and that your products or services will solve their problems in the most efficient manner.

Quora is not the place to advertise your products, but it’s a powerful resource for building authority and establishing yourself or your company as a leader in the industry. Although there’s no official statement regarding the number of Quora users, we do know that there are over 500,000 topics on the platform, attracting millions of views per month. Read more: click on image or title.

Raising Capital? Take control, write and market your own securities:

Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Quora is a great place to get answers, qualified answers. Building authority on Quora is a challenge, it sure pays off though.

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7 Steps To a Better Product Launch - Startup Growth

7 Steps To a Better Product Launch - Startup Growth | Internet Presence |

Launching something is one of the most annoying, yet totally essential things a marketer should be able to do. Yet every time someone launches something, things go wrong. You or your team forgets things, expectations don’t get met, mistakes happen. It’s all natural, but the number of times I’ve seen someone try to launch a SaaS app without a plan is crazy. Then they wonder why it fails or wonder why a week after the launch traffic falls flat.

Without a plan your effort goes to waste and chance of making a big impact is near 0.

To help those of you who need help in crafting a plan or just want to compare notes, I’ve come up with a list of things that you should do if you are launching a SaaS app, mobile app, hardware product, startup or company.

Many of the tips below are compatible with any type of launch, some aren’t but if you follow the general ideas you should be in solid shape to kick things off!

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"I have been receiving "Growing Your Empire" newsletter for about a year, and I appreciate the advice that you have been sharing on entrepreneurship - I have leveraged the information you’ve provided many times."
 Alex Stolyar

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Launching a new product line or service is always a challenge. The better prepared you are, the more you will succeed.

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Inside Jobs: What It Takes To Be The PR Lead At A Startup | TechCrunch

Inside Jobs: What It Takes To Be The PR Lead At A Startup  | TechCrunch | Internet Presence |

When a tech company makes the news, the public usually sees the names of a few people: tech executives and the journalist who wrote the story. But oftentimes, a public relations person was involved too, helping to schedule the interview and otherwise facilitating communication between the company and the press. PR people will tell you, though, that if they’re doing their jobs right, ideally their names will stay outof the story.

So it was a big pleasure to sit down with Johnny Brackett, the PR lead at TaskRabbit, and have him step into the spotlight for a little while to find out what his day to day work life is like for this week’s episode of Inside Jobs.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Luis Costa
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Interesting article and video on PR work for a startup. Making 'public' what matters and doing it the right way.

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10 rules of an incompetent professional

10 rules of an incompetent professional | Internet Presence |
I would like to share the best rules that place ignorance at the most unsuspected limits. Meet the 10 rules of an incompetent professional.

1. “Blame others”: whatever happens, there will always be someone who can be blamed for things that go wrong, however much responsibility, or lack of, they have. In the slang of useless people, this rule is called “passing the buck” or saying “the dog ate my work“.

2. “Steal and use the achievements of others”: which is essential for getting to the top, whilst those at the bottom never stop complaining about our incompetence. In the slang of the useless, this is called “taking all the credit“.

3. “Deny having done anything”: even though you’ve been caught on film committing the worst possible crime, deny it all. It could always be thought that it’s a complex plot created by your worst enemy to question your honesty.

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Via Marty Koenig
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Sounds like politics.

Abdou Sani Boukari's curator insight, April 16, 2014 3:22 PM

passing the buck, taking all the credit, 

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5 Guidelines for Developing a Solid Website Structure - Business 2 Community

5 Guidelines for Developing a Solid Website Structure - Business 2 Community | Internet Presence |

Shinseungback Kimyonghun, a video maker, has created a 9-minute video called “Click” on Vimeo. The video shows the relationship of a click with our daily lives in front of the computer screen. Now that more and more aspects of our lives are getting translated online, websites are becoming our link with the rest of the world.

The mammoth of web pages now available worldwide means that each user has fewer seconds for your website. How do you build a website that is searchable, engaging and lead generating? It is a lengthy process but here are a few guidelines to help you get started on a good website structure.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Thomas Faltin
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Back to basics. Good guidelines to keep in mind.

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Social Media Implementation Checklist

Social Media Implementation Checklist | Internet Presence |

Love this social media 'setup and go' checklist . Love the focus on content creation first. Then, using social second.

Want to Start your Own Website, you have the Ideas and Content, but you're not sure where to start? Check out Sitesell:

Via GrupoNeo
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great list with good strategies, warnings and reminders.

harish magan's comment, September 10, 2013 12:48 AM
Is it easy and worth following, please read it and decide?
Sven Awege's curator insight, September 13, 2013 5:42 AM

Wonderful check-list - most of it applies to Pharma too (with a few add-ons)!

Carlos Bisbal's curator insight, July 7, 2014 3:00 PM

Lista de verificación para publicar en Social Media #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

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5 Helpful Pre-Launch Resources for Online Startups

5 Helpful Pre-Launch Resources for Online Startups | Internet Presence |
Generating buzz for your company in the beginning is a make-or-break task.

Many startups have failed over the years, and a horrible product or service isn’t always to blame -- it’s often because nobody knew the product or service existed. Attracting users early on, either during the pre-launch beta or on the actual launch date is great for two things: feedback and revenue.

While creating an early buzz and attracting a user base can be difficult, there are many tools that can help, including the five listed below. Read more: click title or image.

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Growthink, Inc. daily article emails and newsletter are furthering my business education...better than any business school. Keeps me excited about growing and expanding my business. Education+Inspiration+Motivation+Innovation = Success. Thanks Dave for helping me to create my own "formula" for success/profit.
Teri Bergstrom

Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Get that advantage with some of these tips.

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50 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media | Jeff Bullas

50 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media | Jeff Bullas | Internet Presence |

Have we been so distracted by social media that we have forgotten “the media” in our marketing efforts?

Ranking on the web helps grow awareness and attracts eventual sales. Great services and products

supply solutions for consumers, but getting free attention in a national newspaper, a magazine and mass media can be a very effective marketing tactic.

Press outreach and mass media attention is often a problem for many businesses.

Below, you’ll find a long list of solutions to help you establish, improve, and solidify your outreach capabilities.

The pursuit of sales will never cease, but ensure media attention is never a problem. Here are some tips for getting attention in mass media.

  1. Be the purple cow. If you’re not different, there’s no reason for editors and publications to cover you.
  2. National coverage is great but hard to get.  Align a story with local or regional news, events, or concerns.
  3. Identify quirky components of your company (logo), CEO (hobby), or company culture (You don’t work on Fridays).
  4. Maintain an excel sheet of sites pitched and reporter contact information.  Keep notes and dates (so you don’t re-pitch!)
  5. Find reporters on Twitter and use AllMyTweets to identify topics they like, dislike, etc.
  6. Research prior works of individual reporters, not just topics reported.
  7. Use this tool to find any person’s email.
  8. Read reporters’ articles, blogs, and tweets.  Mention their work and create a greater sense of context and logic regarding the reason for initial contact.
  9. Do not use reporters’ personal emails unless indicated it is preferred.
  10. Comment on reporters’ posts and personal blogs.
  11. Use visual platforms like Pinterest and Google Plus to find information related to hobbies, trips, pets, favorite locations, etc.
  12. Hire a content writer or PR person to write your outreach emails.  Emotional intelligence is a skill set!
  13. As with writing great post titles, spend time on the subject line of the email.  You want them to be excited to open it.
  14. Don’t include attachments; cut and paste material in the email itself.
  15. Set Google Alerts for key terms, so you can stay informed about stories the reporters think are important.
  16. Set Alerts for names of editors and reporters too to see what they’re writing about (Share their work too!)
  17. Spend time on your email signature; editors and reporters want information coming from authority sources.
  18. Be ready for phone contact; some rather ask directly than email back and forth.  Indicate you are available for phone contact.
  19. Be humble and genuine; admit what you don’t know rather than fake it.  Reporters keep ongoing contact lists, but if you waste their time, you’ll never get a chance with them (or their outlet) again.
  20. You’re supplying information but editors are well aware of the benefit of news coverage.  Thank them for their time and for (even) considering your input.
  21. Send a follow-up thanks.  Use a funny graphic of something they will appreciate (since you used AllMyTweets, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc, to see what they like) to be ‘purple.’
  22. Don’t play politician and satisfy all sides of a story.  Have a strong and passionate opinion – stick to it.
  23. It’s not a one-night stand.  Reporters contact the same people.  (How many (New York) times has Danny Sullivan contributed to major stories?)
  24. DO NOT USE TEMPLATES.  Work with your outreach team to create a successful email formula, but ensure the email to each editor/reporter is unique.  Reporters sniff-out templates.
  25. Interested reporters may do homework on you.  Update your ‘about’ page and social media profiles to reflect the expertise they’re looking for – But remember to be genuine!
  26. Provide multiple opportunities for contact – include work email, cell phone, business phone, Skype, Twitter handle, etc.
  27. To build social authority, take screenshots when people compliment posts, your company, or your personality, and insert on your ‘about’ page, business’ homepage, etc.
  28. Be active in forums and industry-specific question-and-answer platforms.  It adds ‘tangible’ evidence regarding your expertise and helpful nature.
  29. Create Twitter lists of editors and reporters and stay informed of their interests regarding developing news and stories.
  30. Subscribe to HARO and Profnet, platforms where reporters actively seek help.
  31. Don’t get creepy, liking reporters’ family pictures on Facebook or being too friendly on social platforms.  Be personable but keep professional.
  32. Use social media ads to ‘target’ media outlets by genre, key terms, etc.  It helps reporters and editors grow aware of your company, contributions, expertise, etc.
  33. Peruse news sites, looking for broken links, awkward plug-ins, etc.  Provide technical help or refer them to someone who can.
  34. Create an ongoing folder of stats.  At times, reporters can’t use quotes or direct information yet need stat graphics to supplement articles. (You’ll still get credit!)
  35. Conduct industry surveys, becoming a mini reporter.  You’ll have more information to offer major publications and reporters.
  36. Getting one’s first major dose of coverage is like making your first million; it’s the hardest.  Create a ‘Media’ section on your website, showing reporters you’ve ‘done this before.’
  37. Create a separate online page, featuring your resume, mentioning previous speaking engagements, awards, and so on.
  38. When used for a story or article, become a marketer for them.  Help spread the news!
  39. Later, when writing internal posts or guest posts, link to the reporter’s story, building links to the site and story.  The added marketing effort will be appreciated.
  40. Don’t tell Cutts, but guest blogging is a great way to show reporters you’re a ‘giver,’ offering insight on digital properties of others.
  41. Be a great assistant; maybe you can’t help with a particular story, but you may know a friend who can.  Reporters will remember your help (and it’s likely your friend will think you’re swell too!)
  42. Regularly link to journalists’ stories in your businesses posts, maintaining indirect relationships and expressing interest in their craft.
  43. When appropriate, mention previous coverage from news sources in the initial email.  As mentioned, reporters want ‘seasoned’ contributors.
  44. Handwrite a ‘thank you’ card and mail it to the reporter.  In the ‘digital’ age, snail mail is ‘purple,’ and usually requires more time and effort.
  45. Mention the reporter’s ‘audience,’ and how your information will help deliver valuable news.
  46. Be unique but not off topic.  Don’t use obscure or outlandish information to seem interesting.  If it’s too far out there, you’ll appear strange rather than intriguing.
  47. Don’t sound like a press release that sucks. Some are so boring, with a ‘look how great we are’ sentiment.  EVERY company wants press but not all know how to intrigue the masses.
  48. Be a giver and not (just) a taker.
  49. Have a professional writer edit emails, checking for grammatical errors and awkward phrases.  Reporters are not English teachers, but they make a living reporting (often writing) the news.  Expect them to notice your errors.
  50. Be who you say you are and do what you say you’ll do.

Author Bio: Mr. Secore enjoys others calling him “Mr.,” but loves helping other entrepreneurs get started on the right footing even more and ypiu will find him hanging out at Reviewpon. If you prefer to be on first-name basis with Cam, follow his Twitter handle and engage with him online – he really enjoys that!

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Via Jeff Domansky
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Good advice from a media expert. Media will give you leverage and credibility in every aspect of your business.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, August 7, 2014 12:58 AM

Practical starting starting for media relations for business. Useful tips, helpful hints and actionable tactics.

Tackk's curator insight, August 7, 2014 2:30 PM

Many small tips go a long way.

Scooped by Marc Kneepkens!

4 Easy Ways for Startups to Get Media Coverage

4 Easy Ways for Startups to Get Media Coverage | Internet Presence |
No PR budget? No problem.

For many startups, getting media coverage is like searching for the Holy Grail, especially in the early stages. Even worse, seeking coverage can be an incredibly time-consuming task that could keep you from focusing on your product or your customers.

That's why doing it right is an important skill, one that can make a huge difference in a company's success or failure. Since I sit on the other side of this particular table, I turned to Clément Delangue, the head of marketing at mention and the author of the SlideShare presentation: "Get Media Coverage for Startups--Newsjacking 101."

Clément has managed to get mention covered in most major publications (including my list of Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses.)

According to Clément, here re the four easiest ways to get media coverage:

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

First one: "Newsjack your competitior". This article has some great and realistic ideas. Read it if you want more media coverage.

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The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tactics: More Than 35 Ideas

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tactics: More Than 35 Ideas | Internet Presence |

Distributing information about your business in a way that viewers will find valuable — helpful and relevant to their business — is the definition of content marketing. The goal is to create relationships by building trust in your company, boosting your credibility and enhancing your “go-to expert” status. There are numerous ways to distribute content: digitally, in print and in-person. The methods or media you choose will depend on your audience (what channels they access), your budget (the time and money resources available), and your inclination (it’s not an easy undertaking but, done well, can be extremely successful).

Here’s an extensive list of ways to utilize content marketing to tell your “brand story”:

To read the full article, click on the title.

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Via Stefano Principato, massimo facchinetti, malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great list of just about everything you can do to get the word out. Any others?

Stefano Principato's curator insight, April 2, 2014 5:55 AM

Here’s an extensive list of ways to utilize content marketing to tell your “brand story”.

maja's curator insight, April 3, 2014 3:13 AM

os cuento que acaban de sacar la ultima lista de marketing .>) #2014ubu 

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22 LinkedIn Secrets LinkedIn Won't Tell You

22 LinkedIn Secrets LinkedIn Won't Tell You | Internet Presence |

LinkedIn can be the best tool for building your brand. I have written several articles about LinkedIn, and they often generate the most comments. Here are the highlights of my LinkedIn advice from previous articles, along with additional tips and tricks, many of which remain unspoken by the people at LinkedIn. With this checklist in hand, you can make your LinkedIn profile your best personal branding tool. These little-known, often-overlooked and seemingly counterintuitive tips deliver big results with minimal effort....

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Jeff Domansky
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

I like practical and insightful tips that teach me something new, quickly.

Great tips. Good to know.

aanve's curator insight, March 5, 2014 10:10 PM


Chris Bantock's curator insight, March 6, 2014 3:16 AM

Some more great tips to get the most out of LinkedIn 

Carlos Polaino Jiménez's curator insight, March 6, 2014 4:38 AM

Secretos no tan secretos…