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Google's many changes have moved content marketing to the forefront. At Eloqua SEOs actually report to content marketing now.

Some SEO practitioners are having a hard time adjusting to the many new changes in Google’s ranking algorithm, indexing system, and Google’s plunge into social media. On the other hand, content marketers are thriving in the SERPs. These changes have benefited the prolific content producers while hurting the traditional mathematician-type SEO’s ability to maximize organic web visibility. The old days of massive SEO audits, building lots of grey backlinks and page sculpting have been replaced with highly valuable problem solving content that is evangelized and shared throughout social media.

Google’s Sweet Spot

Two years ago Google’s sweet spot was easy to identify – Sculpt on-page factors, build lots of backlinks, have clean search-friendly code and make sure website architecture is flat. Content played a roll, but with enough backlinks it didn’t matter. Those days were dominated by the traditional introverted SEO practitioner who was considered a hero when they landed number one on Google. They told the writers what keyword phrases needed to be in their content, where and how many while doing the appropriate programming work, link building and tracking.

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