New to Mac? Four security tips you need to know | Internet Presence |

“The fundamental difference is that there are a LOT less malware threats and hacking attacks directed at Mac users than there are against Windows users.  Both can be attacked (and are), but normally it’s Windows users in the firing line. As I like to put it – I can get killed in Baghdad or Bournemouth.  


Neither is 100% safe, but one is definitely less risky than the other. Both OSes require up-to-date anti-virus, security patches, best practices and a good healthy serving of common sense to keep them out of trouble.”


So while Mac OS X enjoys a deservedly good reputation for security, there are steps any user can take to protect themselves – against loss, password theft, and to protect your most important files.  Whether your shiny new Mac is for work – or for home – here’s how to get started.

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