U.K. Mobile Startup, Tapestry Proves Why Wish Lists Are So Powerful [+Marty Note] | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

Tapestry, the latest contender in the fashion-tech startup space, wants to connect a shopper's digital identity with the physical products in the store they're in by using barcode/NFC-scanning smartphone apps which shoppers use to build up a...

Marty Note
Read about Tapestry before. Cooler now.I learned how valuable wish lists could be from my friend and great Internet Marketer Jennifer DiMotta. Tapestry is taking the hidden power to new levels.

Jennifer taught me about the aspirational nature of wish list. We wish list the better US we see in our minds. Own those kinds of aspirations and you can rule the world or the closet :). M


Via Martin (Marty) Smith